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Miracle in cell no. 7

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The movie “Miracle in cell number seven” – John’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is John Amato, I am from Malta, and my goosebump moment is from this Turkish movie called: “Miracle in cell number seven” when Memo finally meets his daughter Ova after everyone helped him escape. I actually watched this movie recently, maybe a week ago because somebody recommended it to me, and this is a very emotional scene. It really makes you validate freedom, and it shows how strong family ties can be. Memo’s pure heart changed almost every character in a good way and getting to see him and his daughter reunited after all they went through was just something beautiful to see”.


A heartbreaking film

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is the Turkish adaptation of a 2013 Korean film of the same name, which also enjoyed much success, with versions in the Philippines and Indonesia. Its original title is “Yedinci Kogustaki Mucize” and it was released in 2019, where it was also very well received.

That success was to be expected, because the film is well made, it is heartbreaking and tells one of those stories that touch your heart, with a final twist you just don’t see coming and is welcome in this time of predictable plots, a rather irregular beginning that does not let you see what comes next.

What is “Miracle in Cell No. 7” about?

The protagonist is Memo (Aras Bulut Iynemli), an intellectually disabled father who lives with his six-year-old daughter Ova (Nisa Sofiya Aksongur) and her grandmother. His life changes dramatically when the man is wrongly accused of murdering the daughter of a high-ranking military officer. Ova goes to great lengths to see her dad released.

Aras Bulut Iynemli’s performance is so touching that messages on social media about whether he really has a mental disability soon followed. But the truth is that the actor does not suffer from any condition.

Art runs in Iynemli’s family. His older brother is an actor, and his sister is a singer. He started as a model for commercials and most of his career was spent in television. Fame came to him with the Turkish soap opera “How Time Goes By” (2010), which marked his TV debut. Since then, his career did not stop growing and today he is a recognized actor in his country.

In addition to all the artistic talent he has shown, he is an aeronautical engineer and won one of the most important awards for students in Turkey, the ÖSS, which is only given to 100 university students in the country.

The other great protagonist, and the one who won the hearts of everyone who watched “Miracle in Cell No. 7”, is Nisa Sofiya Aksongur (8 years old). She is one of the most sought-after models and child actresses in the country. Her acting career started in 2016 and she is undoubtedly one of the most famous faces in Turkey. She made two movies and five TV series. Her Instagram account, controlled by her parents, already has more than 200 thousand followers.

A film of great popularity

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is the third remake of “Miracle in Cell No. 7”, a film released in 2013 in South Korea, scripted and directed by Hwan-kyung Lee (Champ). It quickly became a hit in that country. It grossed $82 million.

Although the most internationally known Korean film is “Parasite”, which swept away a multitude of Oscars, there is undoubtedly quality cinema to be discovered in South Korea. India, the Philippines, and Indonesia also made their own versions of Lee’s story.

Surprisingly, the Turkish film achieved great popularity throughout Latin America. Not only is it in the top 1 of the most watched in Argentina, but it has the same position in Mexico and was trending on Twitter in Costa Rica.

Social networks were filled with comments and memes about the quality of the film and about the tears that more than one person shed during the two hours and 12 minutes of story.

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