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Seeing snow for the first time

Kendra ( Guyana Guyana )

Seeing the snow for the first time – Kendra’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, my name is Kendra and my goosebump moment is about the first time I saw snow. Where I live in Guyana, South America, our weather does not change very much. It is either very sunny or it is rainy. So while growing up, I always wanted to experience snow to see what it is like. I got the opportunity when I got my American visa and I travelled to America for the first time in 2018. I remember when I got off the plane and got out of the airport, it was just freezing. It was colder than I could have ever imagined. When I got to my aunt’s house, there was just a blanket of snow on the ground. I remember picking it up, feeling it in my fingers, making snowballs. It was just that much of an experience for me. Because I know that there are people in my country that will go their entire lives never seeing snow. So, that was my goosebump moment”.


The sensation of feeling the snow

The pleasure of seeing snow for the first time is one of the experiences you must have before you die. One of the first feelings that come when seeing something that the planet offers us is to see it all white for the first time and feel its greatness. No matter which way you look, your eyes will ache from how bright the freshly fallen snow is.

You will be completely disoriented from what you normally know in your life, and with the impression of seeing the flat ground on all sides. As a child, you will have to explore a new world of incomparable whiteness that opens before you.

When you take the first step, it is as if you’ve arrived on another planet. You feel happy to walk in unknown terrain, with each step you take, you feel that you sink a few inches and you can hear the snow crunch under the sole of the boot. You feel like the first man on the moon, you can even throw yourself on the ground to have more fun.

How does snow form?

Snow crystals form in the atmosphere from the condensation of water vapor at temperatures below freezing. The crystals are formed around foreign matter, such as dust, and these grow as water vapor condenses in its structure. These crystals are usually hexagonal, although the variations in size and shape are almost limitless. The shape depends on the temperature of the air and the amount of vapor it contains.

At temperatures below 0 degrees celsius, the crystals can adhere to each other, forming snowflakes. When crystals fall through an air mass that has water droplets, these freeze on the crystals and form hail.

The density of newly fallen snow depends on atmospheric conditions. The lightest, driest snow falls when it is moderately cold and conditions are stable. At extremely low temperatures, recent snow is fine and grainy, with a high density. Wind also influences snow density, as strong winds break up crystals and form dense, fine snow.

What you need to know to ski for the first time

If it is the first time that you climb the mountain, before learning to ski, you have to get used to the environment and the weather. You have to see it as something fun, and for that, the first few days you have to have a good time, playing in the snow or sledding. As soon as you are used to it, you can climb on the first skis.

Good equipment is essential, not only to keep you protected from low temperatures, but also to prevent any type of injury. Good glasses to protect their eyes from the reflection of the sun, a protective helmet, comfortable gloves and thermal clothing are essential.

In the choice of clothing, comfort should prevail and not so much styling. It is essential to feel comfortable with thermal clothing that does not get wet without having to wear the latest model. The experience must be pleasant, otherwise you may not want to repeat it.

Signing up for private or group ski lessons is the best option to learn this sport safely and always with the help of experts, obtaining the best possible base to prevent future falls and injuries.

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