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Writing songs in love

Cesar ( Samoa Samoa )

Writing songs when we are in love – Cesar’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! I am Cesar, I come from Samoa and my goosebump moment is actually the first time that I wrote a song about someone. You know, I was 13 and I was in love with this beautiful girl, and I remember that I was like, you know, really, really in love, but she told me that she was about to move to another country in the next 2 months because she was getting graduated and all that stuff and I was like you know, I have to do something before she goes. So, I decided to write a song and when I played in front of her, the first time I performed the entire song, I was just nervous so I closed my eyes and I started singing the full lyric and then when I opened my eyes she was really like crying ugly and then she told me “that was the first time someone did something like that” and you know, every time I remember that I felt like really… It was really beautiful and it was really goosebumps to me”.


Dedicate songs to our soulmate

Songs are vehicles of connection, not only between artist and audience, but also between humans themselves. That’s why when we are in love music is the best way to express your feelings and to feel them.

When you and your partner unite around a song, or when a song is played during a decisive moment in your relationship, it will have a special meaning from that day forward.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or you just want to make your partner feel special, music is always a good way to express your love and if you are the one who writes the song you want to dedicate to them, it is certainly a unique detail that will give them goose bumps.

Why do we express our emotions with music?

Music awakens memories, experiences and, of course, emotions. Its power influences all people regardless of their age, there are those who think that music tames the wild beasts. It is a channel capable of expressing, sharing, and transmitting emotions, but also to be able to facilitate their identification.

We are fortunate to be able to listen to songs that can help us develop emotional intelligence, foster resilience, and improve self-motivation.

The reasons why music nurtures personal relationships are many and varied. Among the general ones, and not exclusive to music, are to share attention towards something, to have a common goal or to experience positive feelings in a shared activity.

Specifically, music also leads us to share the rhythm, promoting synchronization between two or more people. On the other hand, there are numerous studies that indicate that the key lies in the joint segregation of hormones. This would be one of the ways in which music strengthens personal relationships.

Music and synchronization between people

Whether dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments together, music results in several people synchronizing. Thus, the effect of synchronization on personal bonds seems to be based on the relationship between mimicry (or imitation) and rapport.

Just as doing the same dance step or singing the same songs increases rapport, rapport increases the likelihood of doing the same thing. In this way, a positive loop is created in which the people involved become closer. On the other hand, seeing the actions of others leads to the activation of neural networks involved in performing the same activity thanks to mirror neurons.

It is possible that the involvement in the same activity and the activation of the same networks increases the difficulty to discriminate between the one and the other(s), thus creating a link between the two.

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