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Durk Jan de Bruin,

Founder of and

“My good friend Oliver was depressed. His long-term relationship had recently ended.

I tried cheering him up by visiting him, spending many hours talking. But this didn’t seem to work.

Then I thought “You know what? I’m going to send him some music that I enjoy very much via email and wrote “my goosebump moment” in the subject. I sent him one email every day. That went well for a while, but I was going through my favourite music at a fast rate.

My friend Oliver is a global citizen. He loves travelling and loves other cultures.  That’s why I figured I could cheer him up even more by asking people from all around the world to send videos of their goosebump moment to me. More and more videos were being sent to me, so I bundled them on a website, which I called

The idea was to send Oliver a daily goosebump moment. And…that seemed to help him. He appreciated it and enjoyed the daily international inspiration.

Now Oliver is better and has grown into a platform for anybody to share and read an inspiring moment from around the world. A place to share, inspire and look out for your next goosebump moment!”

What is a goosebump moment?

A goosebump moment is that moment or experience in your life that has impacted you so much that it gave you goosebumps. It is an emotional reaction to something special in your life, whether it was an experience, something you saw, heard or did, or something that has happened to you. Something that has touched your heart and has changed your life for the better just by experiencing it. Your favourite song or movie, the most awesome goal you have ever seen, a personal life changing experience or the most beautiful place in the world you have visited, it can all give you goosebumps and it is certainly all worth sharing!

Goosebump moments are totally personal – no goosebump moment will be exactly the same for two people – but they are best shared with other people. Goosebump moments inspire people, they show people new things that they might not look for otherwise, which broadens their interests and opens up their world to different kinds of experiences. Sharing your own little goosebump moments will inspire people to see the beauty in life and enjoy it more.

When you share your goosebump moment, you are showing someone else what affects you on a deeper level. People relate to each other by the things they like or dislike, so sharing your goosebump moment connects you to other people. It creates a community and it spreads joy between people. It brings people together.


Durk Jan has received goosebump moments from over 150 countries.

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