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Song ‘Trying My Best’

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Song ‘Trying My Best’ by Anson Seabra – Nam’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Nam and I come from Vietnam. My goosebump moment was when my own business went bad due to the pandemic situation. So, after that, I felt very bad at that time. I didn’t want to do anything at that time. I was just listening to the music and at that time, I was listening to “Trying My Best” by Anson Seabra. As in the song, I was trying my best, but my business did not go smoothly after that. I kept trying and the song was a huge source of motivation for me. It helped me to regain my energy to keep trying and trying as the song says. Now, after trying, after a long time of trying, my business is very good, so I want to tell you that when everything is at its worst, just don’t stop trying. You and me”.


A melody about the courage to get ahead

“Trying My Best” is the anthem we all need. Life can be challenging – from work stress to health to maintaining relationships – and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This song reminds us that, in the end, what really matters is doing our best. This stunning ballad features Anson’s heartfelt vocals over a simple piano melody. Stripped down and stripped to the soul, you can hear her honesty in every word.

This song is nothing short of spectacular. The vulnerability of this incredible artist will send chills down your spine. I think everyone needs this song. Everyone knows what it’s like to put on a brave face and grit your teeth and move on.

The single is accompanied by a humble video made up of real stories of individuals and their personal struggles. In this call to action #TryingMyBest, Anson encourages people to put it all out there in an act of camaraderie.

Who is Anson Seabra?

Anson Seabra is an American singer and songwriter who became known for multiple viral hits such as “Robin Hood”, “That’s Us” and “Welcome to Wonderland”.

Seabra makes witty, philosophical, piano-driven pop. He emerged online in 2018 and gained a strong fan base on social media with songs like “Broken” and “Emerald Eyes.” In 2020, he released his debut full-length “Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom,” followed by 2021’s “Feeling for My Life”.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Seabra began taking piano lessons at age six and played in school bands growing up. After high school, however, he studied computer science in college while continuing to write and record his own songs.

After graduating, he took a job as a software engineer on the East Coast, but never let go of his dream of making music full-time. In 2018, he quit his job and began releasing songs online. He developed a following, amassing more than 190,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly as many on other streaming services.

What does “Trying My Best” teach us?

Moving forward in life and helping to avoid stagnation requires keeping up your pace, without being lured by life’s various temptations. Likewise, the willingness to move forward helps you explore new opportunities.

In doing so, moving forward helps you stop complaining about the struggle and actively doing something about it. Especially in difficult times, it seems tempting to hide and stop struggling. It’s always easier to give up and fantasize about someone coming to your rescue.

At the same time, none of these things will help you overcome the problems you are facing. Giving up will only make things worse. Life can be a rough ride. Sometimes it hits you for no good reason. There will be blows of fate and deep blows that will suck the zest for life out of you. It can even become so difficult that all hope seems lost.

If you use these challenges and learn important lessons from them, hardship is no longer an enemy, but a great teacher that offers important lessons about life.

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