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Watching David Attenborough’s “Our Planet” speech for the first time – Steven’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Steven Bezalel, I am from Israel and my goosebump moment would be watching David Attenborough’s speech for the first time, the speech he gave at the “Our Planet” premiere. He goes on and explains how all life on earth is both product and contributor to their place in space and time, which is like a really important thought for me, something I think about on a daily basis. I think we all should be aware of that, and he puts it in such an articulated and beautiful way. That for me was really something to share, and to get all the people I know to watch it, because that is the whole idea of consciousness, to use it properly. He captures that in a remarkable way in the speech and also in a very endearing way. So, it was nice for me to have those words so I could articulate them better and share them with people”.


A moving speech

The real tragedy of our time is the spiral of the increasing decline of the planet’s biodiversity. The famous British historian and popularizer, Sir David Attenborough, has witnessed this degradation throughout his life dedicated to the study of nature.

In a stirring speech, the 95-year-old British naturalist urged world leaders at the Glasgow climate summit, COP26, to act to halt emissions within a decade and recapture those already in the atmosphere. He called for a new industrial revolution driven by millions of sustainable innovations and recalled that no so-called developed nation has been able to complete its development because no advanced nation is sustainable.

Saving the planet

Limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5ºC and reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. These are the objectives that the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26) set out to achieve in order to to halt climate change and its devastating consequences.

Protecting the planet and preserving the marvelous biodiversity that populates it has also been the message repeated throughout  Sir David Attenborough’s career as a naturalist.

The Englishman, who was invited to COP26 to give a slap on the wrist to world leaders for their inaction in the face of the climate crisis, gave a lesson in oratory and passion for preserving all that surrounds us in his acclaimed speech.

In just over 7 minutes, Attenborough shook the consciences of conference attendees with a message full of urgency, gravity and a hint of hope that the world could work together to stop the damage.

While the naturalist spoke from the podium, the screen projected images produced by Silverback Films, the production company with which he works closely to create his impressive documentaries.

Attenborough also emphasized the inequality that climate change perpetuates in society: “Today, those who have done the least to cause this problem are the hardest hit by it. In the end, we will all feel the effects, some of which are already inevitable.”

He left a bittersweet message, reminding us that it will be young people who will suffer the consequences of the climate crisis, but that, if we all work together, we can reverse the future as it presents itself.

The great defender of nature

Born on May 8, 1926 in London, the same day as Queen Elizabeth II of England, the famous naturalist David Attenborough has seen almost everything on our planet. Until the last decade, with series such as “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet”, Attenborough spread his love of nature to young and old alike.

Even though his voice, which was profound in his time, has faded over the years, this veteran explorer still wants to continue doing what he has been doing for the last seventy years: trying to raise awareness about the precariousness of the environmental situation on our planet.

He has written and presented 8 series related to nature and is considered a pioneer in the creation of environmental documentaries.

Attenborough has been present at some of the world’s biggest environmental events and is also a social media star, for example on Instagram.

Although Attenborough’s climate activism began with “Life on Earth”, first broadcast on the BBC in 1979, today much of his content is focused on young audiences, the world’s biggest climate advocates.

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