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Animals helping animals

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Animals helping animals – Hector’s goosebump moment

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“Hi. I am Hector and I come from Andorra, and my goosebump moment is when I see videos on YouTube about animals helping animals. For example, the other day I saw a monkey feeding a turtle and another monkey saving a little bird who fell into the water. They are genuine like kids playing in the park. So, on the other hand we, the homosapiens who are supposed to be the more intelligent creatures of the world, we have fights, we make war, we do bad things. So we have to reflect about all these lessons of love and solidarity that animals have to teach us. Bye!”


The wonderful instinct of animals

The survival instinct is in every living being, but in animals that risk their lives to save others is something that is hard to understand, but at the same time it is so exciting.

Nature and animals never cease to give us lessons from which we can learn, not only to fight for our lives, but to help save the lives of others and preserve the species.

The survival instinct is like a “click” that is triggered in the most adverse situations. It awakens in the animal all its ingenuity to save its life. It activates a series of mechanisms that make the animal move constantly, as if it were automatically programmed.


They say that in the jungle the strongest survive. There is a food pyramid that leads to some animals eating others, and so on, until it seems that the only one that survives is the one at the top of the pyramid. This whole situation has led to the development of the survival instinct in animals.

For any animal, its top priority is to obtain the food necessary to subsist, as well as, at the same time, to avoid being eaten by a predator that is one step higher in the food pyramid. In the world of the jungle, in the wild, you must be agile in running, fast in flying, good at hiding, skilled at swimming and able to always keep an eye open for danger.

This is not easy, and it is not always possible to survive despite everything. And even if you manage to survive once, you never know when the next time will be, and what the outcome will be.

However, it should be noted that it is not only for food that animals fight for their lives. On many occasions we have seen how animals of very different species have behaved like mother and child. This is an instinctive action on the part of the baby to survive. It sees itself alone in the world, without a protective mother, and accepts anyone who makes it feel safe.

Helping each other

Animals perform instinctive acts that imply a certain self-sacrifice, and sometimes even involve the sacrifice of life. The spider, constantly spinning its web until it dies; the dog, saving those in danger of drowning, and other animals, in a thousand different cases, of which we shall present a few, confirm the foregoing observation.

The instinct of the animal is not only caused by the satisfaction of a necessity felt by it for its own preservation – for in such a case neither the love of the female for her young, nor the sociability and friendship of many animals with man, can be explained – but by a foresight superior to all individual calculation, which, independent of reflection, leads these animals to acts which suit their special nature.

Bees work their honeycombs by developing their action in community. In the same way, the ants live in groups independent of each other, they have their leaders, their army of workers and soldiers; they surprise the nearby anthills to conquer them, they fight battles, the victors make prisoners of the vanquished, they subject them to slavery and stop working, giving themselves up to the molicie, to entrust all the work to the slaves.

It is to be admired the precision with which they calculate the effort necessary for the transport of their dams, and if one cannot do it alone, she calls to her aid her companions, and they come to help her. If they do this as is generally pretended, instinctively, it is undoubtedly that such instinct reveals a prodigious security and perspicacity in their operations.

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