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Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Niso ( Swaziland Swaziland )

Visiting Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York – Niso’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Niso from Swaziland, which is now called Eswatini. My goosebump moment was last year. It happened to me last year in 2021. I was randomly being a tourist visiting Dumbo, in Brooklyn, New York. And I happened to stumble under the Brooklyn bridge from like this amazing angle where you can see the water and see the skyline. It had just gotten dark. What was wild to me was that I had seen that exact same spot in my dream, 6 months before, while I was still in Swaziland. So, my dreams literally came to life that night. It was wild. Never expected it. Did not even know that place existed, but yeah, that was my goosebump moment.”


A must-see attraction

Dumbo was an industrial area of Brooklyn on the banks of the East River, which mutated when artists, architects and designers converted their sheds and industrial buildings into lofts and offices with great views of the Manhattan skyline.

It is another New York neighborhood named with an acronym, which in this case means: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It stretches between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is on the banks of the East River, which extends south of the Brooklyn Bridge. This Park is a must-see attraction; from there the views of lower Manhattan are breathtaking, you will get some of your best photos of New York.

The Park is a great viewpoint of Manhattan, but it also has other charming experiences such as Jane’s Carousel, an old merry-go-round protected by a glass pavilion, which allows you to ride its little horses all year round.

DUMBO: Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Perhaps the first thought that came to mind when you saw the abbreviation for Dumbo was the famous Disney movie. The reality is somewhat removed from that meaning. Dumbo is one of the sweeps of the borough that makes up Brooklyn in New York. It is a somewhat large area, as it is made up of two sections.

The first is located just between the Manhattan Bridge and the popular Brooklyn Bridge. The other section is the continuation of the first but extending eastward from the Manhattan Bridge to Vinegar Hill.

Dumbo is one of the towns that make up Brooklyn, which in turn is one of the neighbourhoods that makes up the huge city of New York. It has fashion stores, ideal spaces to take amazing pictures and people with hipster tendencies and other spaces with a vintage touch. It also has many green areas to watch the sunset or the stars at moonrise, being close to the sea.

Dumbo has amazing spaces dedicated to art studios, cafes and restaurants. It is worthy of being the protagonists of some of the best romantic movies in history. There are so many things to do if you visit Dumbo in New York that you will have to organize your time very well.

The lights at nightfall

Another striking feature of Dumbo in New York City is the lights on the bridges and streets at nightfall. They are ideal for a romantic dinner, a party, or an outing with friends. You can feel the magic and breathe the tranquility that this place offers.

Undoubtedly, it has too many attributes to pass up. Dumbo is a tourist or temporary visit place that could meet and even exceed all your expectations. If you want to feel like you are living the American dream, this location could be the perfect setting to represent it.

Finally, you can select the options you like the most out of the many places to visit and eat. Organize your time, plan it, and try to write down the exact addresses of each place. That way you won’t waste a second looking for the best places Dumbo has to offer in New York City.

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