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Gledys ( Grenada Grenada )

The day my sister’s boyfriend asked to marry her – Gledys goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Gledys, I am from Grenada. My goosebump moment was in April 2021, when my sister, her boyfriend and I went on vacation to a beautiful beach. My sister and I were in our room when somebody knocked at the door. We opened the door, and we did not see anybody. Then, the door was knocked again with a piece of paper saying just: “Would”. We did not understand and immediately the door was knocked again, with another piece of paper saying “please”. We talked about it for five minutes, when the door was knocked one more time, this time with her boyfriend at the door saying: “would you marry me?” with a ring and flowers. My sister said: “Yes!””


Romantic proposal to unite in marriage

More than one of us have surely dreamed, at some time, not only about our wedding day, but also how it could be that romantic proposal and the sensations that can be experienced seconds before giving the “Yes, I do”.

It is undoubtedly one of the most indescribable emotions that gives more than one of us goose bumps and even more so if it is an original and unique event that leaves us or our partner stunned, leaving not a hint of doubt to accept the engagement ring and take that step closer to marriage together.

How to propose in a special way

Asking your partner to start a life together as spouses is a very important step. In addition to choosing the engagement ring and thinking of a speech that will make you remember this moment with joy for the rest of your life, you must choose the ideal place for it.

That is why you should plan it calmly whilst understanding that you should not desperately seek perfection, because if something does not go as planned and you get nervous, your partner might notice it. Choose words that come from your heart and your speech will surely leave her completely delighted.

Many people choose to take their partner out to dinner at a fancy restaurant that is romantic and special to make the marriage proposal. If you both enjoy a particular type of food, it may be interesting to choose an intimate restaurant and make your proposal there. Make it special and unforgettable by choosing the right restaurant: one that is not too big, not too noisy, and rather invites romance.

If you both love nature and romance, leaving the city for a getaway in the countryside and staying in a beautiful mountain hotel for the perfect weekend. If you add the proposal to all that special planning, we are sure that your partner will never forget it. A very special trip that will end with the beginning of a life together.

You can also propose marriage in a romantic and special way, in the middle of nature and without leaving your city. Choose to escape with your partner to a beautiful park where you can walk, be together, have a picnic and then, in the evening, talk about a future together and your desire to live always by his side. It is an idea full of captivating details that requires a simple planning, but with wonderful results!

There is nothing more stimulating for a couple than getting out of the routine. Invite her to spend a night in a luxury hotel in your city, order champagne and food for a very romantic dinner without leaving the room. Ask for the room to be decorated with flowers and set for a night of intimacy and romance and during this fantastic atmosphere that will surely leave her delighted, make your marriage proposal. An idea that speaks very well of the new life you are about to start together.

The tradition of asking for her hand

Far from what is usually thought or meant today, the origin of the proposal of marriage responded more to a commercial transaction than to a romantic act. Marriage was nothing more than a business transaction and the union of couples had to respond to economic or noble interests rather than love. Affection, if it existed at all, came later because of the passage of time and custom. Moreover, in this context, women lacked all the rights they enjoy today and were treated as property that, in the first place, belonged to their father until he granted the rights to the suitor.

Because of this, it can be understood how the concept of asking for her hand was born, dating back to the ancient Roman Empire. At that time there was a rule called “manus” – which means nothing else than “hand” in English – that gave legal power over a women to a man, either the father or the husband. Thus, the suitors had to ask the father to cede the “manus”, that is, the power over the woman they wanted as a wife. This custom with macho overtones was maintained over the years, but with some variations, since women managed to be recognized as subjects of law.

Now, before giving the ring, some grooms ask for permission from the parents, no longer by a mandate, but out of respect. That is, suitors seek to get the consent and approval of the family simply because they value that they can endorse their engagement, not because they must or because they feel they should claim ownership over their future wife.

The gesture of getting down on one knee

Within the customs that are repeated within the nuptial world there are gestures or commands that continue to be performed, even if couples are unaware of the origin. The engagement, for its part, is not exempt from these protocols and has particularities that are still kept as the man kneels to propose. This act is related to both the Middle Ages and Christianity.

It turns out that during the Middle Ages it was normal for people to kneel in front of the king as a sign of respect and to show loyalty and obedience, just as in some religious ceremonies believers must kneel during special moments as a sign of submission. Therefore, it is not unusual that men began to do so at the time of proposing marriage, since there was no better way to show affection and devotion.

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