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“Easy on me” by Adele

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The song “Easy on me” by Adele – Sofia’s goosebump moment

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Sofia: “Hi, I am from Paraguay. My goosebump moment happened not so long ago when one of my favorite artists of all time, Adele, put out a song again. The name of the song is “Easy on me” and it is about change. It is about growth, it is about looking at your past mistakes and just learn from them and grow from them. So, it really means a lot to me, and it really made me feel, like, listened to, and it came in a moment where I really needed it. So, I really love that song and I have always loved Adele and she always puts out songs that I really, really like. So, this time is no exception, and that song is really beautiful and that is my goosebump moment.”


An emotionally charged ballad

In “Easy on me”, Adele shows us pieces of her life that she had never made public through her music. The hard childhood she had and the unstable moments. A ballad full of heartbreaking emotions. In addition, her videoclip shows a before and after in her life.

The singer confessed that with this work she sought to explain to her son Angelo the hard years she has lived, who she is and why she voluntarily chose to dismantle her entire life in the pursuit of her own happiness. In other words, the artist explains the painful divorce she has just experienced.

Although there is nothing special about songs about heartbreak and pain, somehow Adele was able to capture and express the feelings in a way that resonates deeply with a huge number of people. She captured the essence loss and shared it on the world stage.

The beautiful message of self-love

For a little less than four minutes, we hear a story that may be familiar to many people, as Adele tells us what goes through the mind of a person who has been in a couple, who has tried everything to make the relationship work, but in the end understands that he or she must let go of that bond.

Through her lyrics, the singer of “Hello” tells us that she was very young when she started a love relationship that she thought would last forever. However, in that time of her life she could not choose what she really wanted to do and now that she has reached a key point in her life, she realizes that she still has time to choose.

That doesn’t mean that someone has failed in the relationship, but rather, the song tells us how it’s okay to choose yourself at a point in your life where you don’t feel fulfilled, where you don’t feel comfortable in the place where you are and above all, where there is no more love.

It is not a failure to take your suitcase and leave in search of fulfilling your dreams, you are not selfish if you decide to put yourself first and above all, it is okay to leave a relationship that although it is not bad, it is not good for either of you, because both live, but are not able to really shine. That is what Adele tells us.

Although letting go of a long-term relationship was not easy for Adele, and she had to resort to therapy to achieve it, on the way she won something more important: finding herself and finding out what she wants to do with her life, discovering where she is, where she would like to go. From what she has shown us, she is already walking in that direction.

What the video for “Easy on me” shows us

In the nostalgic, mostly black-and-white video of “Easy on Me”, we see Adele leaving a house she’s putting up for sale to embark on a cathartic road trip interspersed with celebratory images.

The artist’s characteristic emotional voice is present in this ballad-like song as well as her inseparable piano, and talks about change and embracing a new stage in life.

The images in the video shift from black and white to color as the singer tries to communicate the fact that she is starting a new cycle, is letting go of the past and is talking to her partner about her struggle to reach a new port.

A lesson to grow

In Adele’s songs there is not only pain, but also learning. When a relationship doesn’t work out, we blame ourselves in many ways. We think we could have done things differently, that we did not do enough, or that something was missing. We fall into the anguish of thinking that it was a waste of time, energy and emotions, but rarely do we allow ourselves to take a breath and understand that more than a failure, it is a lesson learned.

It is easy to focus on the failure, but taking the bad and transforming it into an opportunity is for emotionally strong people.

Love disappointments can feel like a stab in the heart, but when you break up with that person you thought would be there forever, it could be the perfect impetus to move on, have new experiences, meet new people, or even learn to be alone.

Through her lyrics and powerful voice, the “Someone Like You” singer has made it clear that past loves always teach us something valuable. Regardless of what people say and without worrying about her love situation, Adele continues to reap success and celebrate what brought her to the top.

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