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The movie “300”

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The movie “300” – Sedera’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, my name is Sedera, and I live in the Marshall Islands. My goosebump moment is when I watch the movie “300”. I watch this movie at least once a year, and it is always a thrill. This movie shows how important courage and determination are in life to achieve your goals. There is an important message behind this movie. This message is what’s the image that we will leave after we die. This movie also shows the beauty of what can be achieved in cinema with many fabulous landscapes. This is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, and this film always reminds me to never give up”.


An epic movie about the Spartan King Leonidas

In 2006, “300″ was released, the American epic action movie that tells the story of the Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 warriors who fought to the death against the Persian ‘God-king’ Xerxes I and his army of over 100,000 soldiers.

This film is the adaptation of the comic book series of the same name by Frank Miller and was a huge and well-deserved success. This film holds a powerful lesson that will leave more than one with goosebumps.

King Leonidas and his 300 warriors

The visual rendering of the scenes as if they were comic book vignettes in motion, the photography with its predominant sepia tone that gives it a fabulously unreal atmosphere, and the stark violence, come together to create this incredible and unforgettable work.

The film depicts the battle of Thermopylae, where King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors fought to the death against the Persian ‘god-king’ Xerxes I and his army. This army was supposedly composed of a million soldiers, and the Greek alliance managed to successfully recompose itself to face the Persian army and achieve the final victory against the invading empire.

Dilios, who recounts the epic struggle and sacrifice of Leonidas and his 300, begins by narrating the upbringing of Leonidas as a child.

When he was born, he was examined like every Spartan. He would have been discarded if he had been born small or stunted, sickly or deformed. As soon as he could stand, he was baptized in the noble art of combat. He was taught never to retreat, never to surrender, that to die on the battlefield, in the service of Sparta, was the greatest glory he could achieve in life.

The agoge, as it is known, forced the boy to fight, starve, forced him to steal, and, if necessary, kill. Punished with blows of rod and whip, he was taught to show neither pain nor mercy. He was continually tested, left to his own devices, left to measure his wits and determination against the fury of nature. That was his initiation, away from civilization, and he would return to his people as a Spartan or not return at all.

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