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A Sunset Meditation

Stefany ( Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda )

The most beautiful sunset meditation – Stefany’s goosebump moment

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“Hi. My name is Stefany, and I am from Antigua and Barbuda. My goosebump moment had to be when I was at the beach, and I was finishing my meditation session, and I saw what must have been the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my life. I also saw some children playing in the water, I saw the birds fly, I heard the waves also, and it was just so beautiful. At that very moment I realized that we are all existing at the same time: animals, elements of nature, us (people), we are all enjoying each other’s presence at this very moment. It’s such a miracle that we get to experience this. To experience something that is limited to earth and that’s when I realized that life is truly unique. Life is one experience only, and life is just a miracle. So yeah, that’s my goosebump moment and thank you”.


Meditating at sunset to achieve your goals

When the sun goes down is a very special time to meditate. The yang energy withdraws and begins to flow a softer type of energy, the feminine energy, the energy of mystery and meditation.

That is why meditating at sunset is the best choice to achieve all your purposes, because in that hour of meditation you can calmly ask and thank yourself for getting what you want. Remember that the universe always responds to your requests, you just have to know how to formulate them. The formula to ask is not something that you must do externally, but it must be something felt with the heart.

How to practice meditation at sunset?

If you can see the sun when it sets and do meditation at that time it would be very appropriate, if you have no possibility to see the horizon, mentalize and think of the sun going away, slowly descending, falling.

Breathe deeply, and give yourself a time of peace and tranquility. You can do this by repeating Om many times out loud, lengthening the letter “o” and closing your mouth when you enter the “m”. As if you were saying “AUM”. Hindus explain that this is the sound of the planet earth.

Once you feel harmonized, begin to perceive the approaching night and how it covers everything around you. With that feeling of solitude and mystery, pronounce the following words in a low voice: “In this sublime hour, my thoughts and my emotions are aligned with the hour of mystery, to that mystery I address this request: (ask for what you need). So be it.”

After you perform this practice. After you have sat down to meditate to achieve your purposes, get up and walk as fast as possible to some place opposite to the sunset, that is, walk towards the East. This is very important: immediately after you have said your words of request, get up and walk quickly in the opposite direction of the sun.

Advantages of meditating outdoors

Observing nature is something extremely beneficial, so much so that, if you are worried about a problem, you will see that you focus on it differently, as if by magic, after hearing the birds singing, feeling the wind, seeing the color of the sunset… and meditating outdoors is an explosion of senses that you will not have at home or on the best screen in the world.

Contact with the outdoors also increases our capacity for attention and concentration. It is necessary to receive stimuli, not only from nature, but also from the sound of traffic or the voice of people passing by.

In addition, something as simple as going out can make you meet someone important, find something that solves your problems…. Take advantage of it!

Other advantages of meditating outdoors are that it is very healthy to be in contact with natural sunlight and fresh air. And, as you know, a healthy mind in a healthy body, so…. why not enjoy both at the same time?

Mental and physical health. Nothing like meditating outdoors, in contact with nature.

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