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Seeing Santa Claus

Irina ( Nauru Nauru )

The joy of seeing Santa Claus – Irina’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, my name is Irina, and I come from Nauru. My goosebump moment was Christmas when I was with my family and other children; they told us to hide in a room because Santa Claus would arrive with the presents. So we went inside the room, and it was midnight. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and looked out my window that overlooked a street, and then my heart stopped when I saw some lights, a sleigh with some reindeer going over the building at full speed, without a doubt something that I will always remember with great emotion”.


The magic of Christmas

There is nothing nicer than seeing the children’s faces when they realize that Santa Claus has arrived and, on the tree, they have their presents. For them it is beautiful. They wait so much for the arrival of that man dressed in red who comes from the North Pole that we realize that everything is worth it.

Christmas has the characteristic that everyone, both adults and children, feel a certain magic in the atmosphere. It is called the Christmas spirit that should be present with us every Christmas all our lives. This season is undoubtedly a time of great joy for many, leaving moments of goosebumps.

How did the story of Santa Claus come about?

Many of us have wondered where the story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney came from, and if it is true, he has an extensive list of gifts. The story was set in the Turkish city of Patara with the Christian bishop Nicholas of Bari, who decided to give away all his belongings to the poor when his parents passed away.

After becoming a bishop, his action became more solid, as he began to collect toys and other things for children and the needy, which he “delivered” after quietly sneaking in through the windows of the houses, leaving gifts for the families in the stockings that were drying on the chimney. In this way, he became known as ‘episcopus puerorum’, the ‘bishop of the children.’

When Nicholas of Bari died on December 6, 345 AD, his Catholic tradition spread throughout the European continent. Then, in the XVII century, some Dutch emigrants adopted the custom, taking it to the United States, and that is when Santa Claus was born.

The word Santa Claus is related to the name of the German saint Sankt Nikolaus, and the clothes, physical appearance, where he lived, and who accompanied him in his work of delivering gifts were adjustments made by the advertising of that time.

Thus, Santa Claus would be more than 1,600 years old, enough time in which he has brightened the Christmas of millions of families worldwide.

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