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Minca, Mountain Paradise

Jesús ( Nauru Nauru )

Minca, Colombian Mountain Paradise – Jesús goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Jesus and I’m from Nauru. My goosebump moment is one time I was on a trip with co-workers in Colombia and we went hiking in the rainforest close to Minca, in Santa Marta. It’s a forest with mountains and it’s a very humid forest. We were really tired, and we got close to the top of one mountain, and suddenly the view opened, and we saw all of Santa Marta and the ocean on the horizon. We also saw all the greenness of the forest, all the mountains, and it was really emotional for all of us”.


Minca, a Colombian Caribbean Destination

Minca is located in the Colombian Caribbean area, 45 minutes away from Santa Marta, on the Sierra Nevada Mountain range of the same name. Consequently, its landscapes are entirely different from the typical ones of the Colombian Caribbean. In this destination, you can find mountains, natural freshwater wells, and, best of all, an unparalleled coffee terrain.

Walking through the mountains and finding a diversity of birds, animals and trees are one of the most incredible ways to connect with nature. In Minca, you can hike different trails towards the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Things to do in Minca

Minca seeks to offer nature tourism lovers an experience full of contrasts. To enjoy this excellent climate destination and appreciate the contrasting landscapes, visitors can stay in cabins, glamping, or hostels and spend the day.

Several tours include ecological hikes, visits to waterfalls or natural pools, tours of coffee farms, bird watching, mountain biking, and talks about bamboo, and the cocoa process, to name a few.

In Minca, there are other points of interest, such as the Marinka and Pozo Azul waterfalls, the Nevada Cervecería factory, and the Museo del Cacao. Also, La Miga Bakery tasted its famous chocolate bread. In the end, each visitor can put together their tour according to their time, physical condition, and budget.

The route through the coffee plantations

If you are a coffee lover, this is one of the routes you cannot miss. Sierra Nevada coffee is well known for its incredible flavor. These varieties of organic coffee can be easily purchased and taken to enjoy at home.

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