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The joys of adopting pets

Daniela ( Vanuatu Vanuatu )

The happiness of adopting pets – Daniela’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Daniela and I’m from Vanuatu! I’ll tell you guys about my goosebump moment. This year I got the chance to adopt two kittens, one named Benji and the other one called Berrie. Benji has been with me for almost a year, whilst Berrie has been with me for less than a month. They have both given me happy moments and have been teaching me lots of things. Giving a chance to those who need a place to live, like animals, is a heartwarming experience we should all experience. That’s why I wanted to tell everyone from around the world! If you want to live constant goosebump moments, give yourself a chance to share with animals!”


Having a companion animal

By adopting a pet with a conscience, you add a member to your family who is always happy. You may think that by adopting a pet, you are giving it benefits by giving it a home, love, and care, but having a pet can bring you multiple benefits.

It is undeniable that a pet needs attention and care, but now you can discover that, beyond that, adopting one can help improve your health and quality of life.

A pet can improve your physical condition

According to experts, dog owners are more likely to get more exercise than people who don’t own dogs. They all support the idea that “your best friend” can help you improve your health.

In general, when you adopt a pet, you have more responsibilities, including taking it on  walks in the case of dogs or making their lives more accessible in the case of beautiful little animals.

Regardless of what kind of pets you choose, sharing with them, keeping them, and discovering nature in a park or at the beach will reduce stress and improve any indicator related to the cardiovascular system.

Pet adoption, which one to choose?

Pet adoption is a significant decision. That is why, before choosing whether to adopt a dog or a cat or any other animal, it will be necessary for you to analyze the pet’s personality traits. Remember that this factor influences the relationship between the owner and the pet. For example, cats are active at night, not very friendly, solitary, quiet, clean, hunters, territorial and incomprehensible.

However, dogs are active during the day, playful, friendly, affectionate, and are guardians. However, there are different personalities of dogs depending on their breed.

Therefore, if you are a quiet person and like to have your space, we recommend choosing a cat. But on the other hand, adopt a dog if you have an active lifestyle and like playing and exercising.

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