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Visiting Caracas, Venezuela

Eduardo ( Grenada Grenada )

The day I visited Caracas in Venezuela – Eduardo’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Eduardo, I come from Grenada and my goosebump moment was when I was eleven years old and I travelled to Venezuela, to the capital Caracas, to visit my cousins. I went there with my whole family and the reason was because my cousin was celebrating her baptism. So, I went to their house, I went to their place and we got to enjoy, we got to talk like friends and my whole family was there, my half-aunt and my uncle-by-marriage, alongside my other cousins. We got to jump and to go up and down the stairs of the house, playing hide-and-seek, eating chocolate… It was a really epic moment. It was really awesome, it was really incredible, and I would say it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Thank you, bye, that was my goosebump moment.”


A city full of contrasts

Caracas, beautiful and multicolored,  is the capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It stretches out 433 km and is between 900 and 1,000 meters above sea level. Caracas is a valley surrounded by the coastal mountain range, they call it “the city of eternal spring” for its friendly and cool climate all year round.

Caracas is a city that some define as quite chaotic, because it currently has many inhabitants and is the most populated city in all of Venezuela. It has a particular charm. You just have to walk through its streets on a Sunday and feel its cool weather looking at the imposing Avila hill. Caracas is undoubtedly a beautiful city full of contrasts.

Reasons to visit Caracas

Caracas has a plant lung called “The Waraira Repano National Park”, mostly known as El Ávila, and it is majestic to look at. Here you can get to know its variety of flora and fauna, as well as get a wonderful view of the city from above.

Another emblematic place is the Parque del Este whose full name is Parque Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda. It is in the heart of Caracas, has an area of 82 hectares, and is characterized by its greenery, its 5 lakes, its birds and many other animals that live there. Inside the park you will find a terrarium with different species such as snakes, frogs, turtles, and more.

Hacienda la Trinidad is another privileged place in the city, which really makes you feel like you are out of the chaos, firstly because of its beauty, secondly because of its activities, and thirdly because of the gastronomic options to enjoy.

In Caracas you can find excellent international food restaurants; you will find the best in Italian, Peruvian, Thai or Colombian food, and you can also eat cream pizzas that are a delight, especially the shrimp ones. In this city you can get areperas, because the arepa is the bread of the Venezuelans.

El Hatillo is a town that is behind La Trinidad and is quite picturesque. It holds colorful houses and you will find different options to have fun, as it has become a tourist destination for its variety of galleries, restaurants, artisan shops such as Hamsi. Hamsi is quite large and has a lot of variety in country souvenirs.

Caracas is so close to the sea that you can go any day at any time to take a refreshing bath or simply go sunbathe. In 30 minutes you can reach the central coastline, which is where the main Caracas airport is located. If you want more charming beaches, with palm trees, crystal clear waters and many fish, you can travel 2 hours to Higuerote or go to Puerto Cabello and enjoy the most beautiful beaches like the one in Morrocoy National Park.

A warm character

One of the qualities that most characterize Venezuelans is their kindness, which makes foreigners feel at home. This behavior has its origin in the massive migration of Europeans to the country during World War II and later periods.

Many of the immigrants came to the country without major possessions, but over time they progressed, and today their descendants live in the capital. In the same way, their good humor and cheerful personality are well known, which, despite the difficulties, they maintain with great impetus.

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