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Reuniting with my mother

Shahrzad ( Iran Iran )

Reuniting with my mother after three years – Shahrzad’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, this is Shahrzad, and originally I am from Iran but at the moment I live in Republic of Georgia. I want to talk about the moment that I got goosebumps, I think it is when I saw my mother at the airport after 3 years of immigration. That was the first time that I saw my role model because living in a third world country like Iran, women are under too much pressure. So, I was one of those lucky girls who were able to leave my homeland and I was always trying to become someone like my mom, being an educated person who has her own job. So, when I saw her at the airport, I got too emotional and I did not know how to explain or show my feelings! Being happy or being sad! I think that is it, thank you.”


Feeling different emotions in an encounter

There are many things that only mothers know how to carry out perfectly, always with a wide smile and struggling to move forward and give their best. Her love gives rise to endless sacrifices and efforts. Mothers are capable of moving mountains regardless of adversity.

That is why living far from our mothers makes us feel different emotions. No matter how old you are or what situation you are facing, you will always miss her. The intensity of the longing will vary according to your experiences with it, the distance you are from and the circumstances that life presents to you.

Certainly, what is most missing about a mother are the everyday details. This is how when you leave your country and you don’t know if you’re going to be able to visit it soon, that’s when you realize that you won’t be able to enjoy it as much as you’d like. Undoubtedly, a reunion with a mother after several years of separation recharges our souls and makes us value her even more.

A mother, one life’s greatest treasures

Our mother will always be the most important thing that will exist in our lives, because at the end of everything, and thanks to her, we are the successful people full of virtues that we always dream of.

And although at some point we will have to separate and we will be far away, they will always be for us. That is why all those who live hundreds or thousands of kilometers from their loved ones can report that sad feeling, which, despite everything, includes some happy moments: reunions. If they are by surprise, the joy ends up overflowing even more.

Having our mother is one of the greatest fortunes that life offers us, she gives us a piece of her hearts every day and most of her battles are always won because we are happy.


The special mother-child bond

The bond that unites a mother with her child is so special that it is too much to explain with words. In fact, the one who best expresses it is precisely the one who still does not know how to speak.

It is enough to observe a baby relating to its mother. The way he or she looks at her, how they finds comfort in her arms, the attention they pay to her voice. When the bond between mother and child is strong and deep, the benefits extend throughout life.

It is about an enduring emotional relationship with a specific person that produces security, containment, and pleasure, and that its possible loss evokes intense anguish.

For her part, the mother develops an indestructible emotional bond with her child. She is the one who has the opportunity to enjoy the baby from pregnancy to adulthood.

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