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Shaving your head in support

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Shaving your head to support a family member with cancer – Ali’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, my name is Ali from Iran, and I was told about my goosebump moment which was an act of humanity of a newly married couple. One day when I was looking on the internet, I saw a video in which a newly married couple shaved their heads to support her mother as she was suffering as a cancer patient. Everyone in the hall was full of tears and they were planning this act for a long time to support their mother as she was suffering from stage 4 cancer. I was full of goosebumps and full of tears while this act caused my goosebumps. Thank you!”


Emotional gesture

The diagnosis of cancer involves great physical and psychological changes in both the patient themselves and their immediate family. Each process differs from one case to another. However, to face this hard process, any gesture of solidarity can mean a lot to those going through this disease.

Many donate their time knitting hats and turbans for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments, others donate their hair, and others decide to shave their heads in support of their relatives with cancer who are losing their hair, which is a clear sign that is difficult to assume, and with which they express that they are not alone in their battle against the disease.

Supporting a family member with cancer

Whether it’s your sister, brother, partner, parent, or any other family member, a loved one with cancer can be a critical part of your life. The special relationships and bonds that bind families together are deep and sometimes complicated.

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, the range and intensity of emotions can be overwhelming. Controlling your own emotions can be difficult, but your emotional stability is what your family member needs.

When we are upset, angry or confused, we look to others to give us an emotional anchor to hold on to. You can be that person. This doesn’t mean you should ignore or hide how you feel. Try to be calm, but not dispassionate. Your emotions are also important and show that you care.

Your energy and positive messages to your loved one can be a vital tonic to help them fight and recover. Consider putting on an imaginary positive, healing armor every time you see your loved one.

Sometimes, it is enough to let the patient know that we are there to help. At other times, we can help with practical matters, shopping, sorting out paperwork or appointments, taking care of the children, listening to them or accompanying them to the doctor or specialist or in making decisions.

Spread good energy

Many loved ones may want to help but are not sure what they can or could be doing to support someone with cancer. Kind words, hugs and closeness will make the patient feel better in your company.

In the same way, it is also advisable to try to maintain a positive attitude to infect them with your energy and optimism and thus ensure that they are in a better state of mind.

That is why it is important to use humor, laughter and jokes to alleviate the drama of the situation and learn to laugh at everything. It is a very good tool to reduce the importance of cancer and have a good energy to face it.

Keep in mind that an important part of overcoming cancer lies in mental strength and the desire to overcome the disease, therefore, getting your attitude to be favorable and hopeful can contribute to an improvement in your health.

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