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My first time riding a horse

Johandry ( Nicaragua Nicaragua )

My first time riding a horse – Johandry’s goosebump moment

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Johandry: “Hi everyone! I am from Nicaragua. My goosebump moment was when I was a child because I remember once I was with my family in our Anfield home and my dad said to me, “You need to ride a horse”, but the horse was neigh whinnying, and I was frightened because I was a child. So my dad said to me “You need to ride the horse because it is going to be breathtaking for you. It is going to be awesome; it is going to be a great experience for you.” So, to be honest, at the beginning of the story I was freaked, but then I could do it. I could ride the horse, and also it was a great experience for me. It was wonderful because I was in 
our Anfield. So, it was a great experience for me, for my family, and we were enjoying it a lot.”


An experience to connect with nature

The experience of riding a horse goes beyond a walk. It is feeling surrounded by nature, reconnecting with a world that we feel far away from in our daily life and that is so necessary for the balance as human beings, appreciating the small nuances that nature offers us.

For adults, it is a way to feel like children again, enjoying the beauty of the environment, accompanied by a noble animal that communicates perfectly with us and with which beautiful bonds can be created.

The horse, a fantastic companion

Riding a horse is one of the most satisfying and complete experiences one can enjoy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having the animal under our control helps us improve our attention span and instills feelings such as respect and responsibility.

Horses are known for their intelligence and loyalty. You must, always, show kindness to the horse and make sure you do not lose your temper or become irritated. It is not necessary to own a horse to learn how to ride, as you can rent both the horse and the necessary riding accessories.

Horseback riding is more than a hobby. It allows us to enjoy a fantastic companion, and, in addition, we relate it to vacations or moments of leisure. If the ride takes place in the mountains, a forest or by the sea, the moment has an added charm.

Horseback riding can be even more important for the role it plays in the rehabilitation of people with physical or mental disabilities, which is called equine therapy, in its best-known application, or also to get in shape, for the benefits it brings to the body and mind.

Benefits of horseback riding

If you like animals and nature, horseback riding can be a perfect activity for you, either as a regular sport or as a leisure activity from time to time. In addition, horseback riding is recommended for all ages and children usually love it.

Undoubtedly, this practice improves our posture because you can’t just ride a horse in any way, it must be done with a straight back and many muscles are used with which we maintain balance and position and guide the animal.

It also helps to increase our confidence levels and improves our coordination and reflexes. As it is an activity in which you do not have absolute control, since the horse is a living and independent being, you will be aware of the environment, the animal and everything that happens around you, thus working your reflexes.

It also reduces muscle tension. Although the first experiences on horseback cause stiffness when we finish the ride and the next day, once the body has become accustomed to this activity, horseback riding is a perfect exercise for our muscles to relax.

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