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My first yoga class

Bom ( South Korea South Korea )

My first yoga class – Bom’s goosebump moment

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Bom: “Hello, I’m from Korea. So, my goosebump moment was when I started my first yoga class five years ago. I was in Sydney, Australia and I happened to get free access to the class and tried my first yoga session ever. After one hour and thirty minutes of this yoga class, somehow I felt these goosebumps from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, sitting down in a seated position which got me really hooked with yoga. And here I am five years later, I am currently a certified yoga teacher. I quit my office job last November in order to pursue my dream. Perhaps that was the best goosebump moment I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you.”


A wonderful profession

A fuller life, a dream job or opening your heart to others are some of the benefits that being a yoga teacher has for some people. Becoming a yoga teacher is a radical change, but it always works out for the better in the lives of those who make it.

It is about making a personal commitment, with will and dedication to the yogic world. For those who practice it, it is a wonderful profession, which also allows you to develop in life, as well as commit yourself fully to the values of yoga.

Reasons to become a yoga teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher can be a wonderful thing because it allows us to open our hearts to others, to ourselves and to life.

It also gives us the opportunity to live with full consciousness and have greater clarity of who we are: to align our actions with our values.

Another advantage of being a yoga teacher is that our fellow travellers become friends and allow us to investigate the human processes that we go through in life and create a special connection in each class, a magical and eternal relationship between teacher and disciple.

With this profession we also develop evolution and creativity, and we get in shape to feel better with health and wellness.

Qualities of the yoga teacher

Being a yoga teacher is a wonderful profession, it being a way to develop in life, as well as to commit yourself fully to the values of yoga.

However, the qualities that a yoga teacher must be to want to bring the teaching of yoga to everyone, as well as to know how to transmit and listen.

It is also necessary to have empathy and be transparent, to share your discoveries and to want to help and contribute to the happiness of all beings.

All about Yoga

It is difficult to find a recent wellness trend that has enjoyed more sustained echo than yoga. There is no single reason that drives people to this ancient practice. Yoga experts suspect it has to do with the combination of physical and mental health benefits associated with the practice.

The high stress and fast pace of today’s world make yoga more relevant than ever. Although yoga is traditionally a system for promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, it is not usually considered a set of religious beliefs. Yoga can be practiced in a completely secular way, and is practiced by people of all religious traditions, as well as by agnostics and atheists.

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