person from Kiribati (Luis)

My First Swing 360

Luis ( Kiribati Kiribati )

My first Swing 360 Progression – Luis’ goosebump moment

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“Hey! My name is Luis. I’m from Kiribati and my goosebump moment was when I caught a 360. It was 3 years ago, by that time I had been trying to 360 for a couple of months. I remember it was a cloudy day, I was in the bars with my friends, and I was trying so hard to get a 360. I don’t remember how many tries I did, but after like 2 hours of constantly trying and not giving up, I finally caught a 360. It was such an awesome moment! I remember the joy and the happiness I felt. Now looking back I’m grateful because even though I fell like a thousand times, I didn’t give up. So, yeah… thanks for listening.”


The Swing 360

The Swing 360 is one of the best-known basic movements in calisthenics and is mainly used in competitions. Its technique consists of balancing on a bar with a kick, and when you are back, you must release your hands and cross them, leaving one underneath. This will give you a twist you must take advantage of to pull and complete the 360.

This movement, one of the calisthenics exercises, is also one of the leading freestyle tricks, has a lot of variations, and is very colorful.


Calisthenics can be understood as a training system that mainly uses body weight without additional weights or resistance; you can achieve both impressive muscle development and a great cardiovascular workout (of course, you can add weight to the movements once you want to increase the difficulty).

Benefits of doing calisthenics workouts

Calisthenic exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and coordination. In other words, it is a way to train and enhance practically all the skills a human needs to be in optimal physical shape.

To perform calisthenic exercises, you will not need any equipment—no dumbbells, kettlebells, or gym machines. You will only need your body weight.

It is true that for some exercises having a bar (to hang from it) will be convenient, but you don’t need one from a gym. Any item that allows you to turn (safely) will do.

When you do a calisthenics workout, you can activate every muscle in your body. There are calisthenic exercises to train your whole body, and others focused on different areas.

Another benefit of calisthenics is that they can be performed almost anywhere (in your home, park, etc.) without requiring any complicated elements.

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