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The day I first saw my nephew

Bridget ( Botswana Botswana )

The special day I saw my newborn nephew on my birthday – Bridget’s goosebump moment

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Bridget: “Hello, I am from Botswana. My goosebump moment was the very first time I got to lay eyes on my nephew when he was born. This was a particularly noteworthy day for me, not only because it was my first time getting to see a newborn baby at just a few hours or a few minutes really, but it was a special day for me because he was also born on my birthday. Getting to see his face and touch his tiny hands and tiny feet for the first time just welled up tears of joy from within me and it is a memory that is forever etched in my brain because of how beautiful it was. And getting to watch him grow up every day since then has been an exceptional journey for me.”


The best birthday gift

The arrival of a nephew will always be the best gift we can receive. But the fact that the new member of the family is born on our birthday is undoubtedly a reason for a great celebration. Undoubtedly, this makes it an even more special date.

Becoming an uncle or aunt teaches us what love is, thanks to a creature that will brighten our lives forever. Seeing a newborn baby gives us very intense sensations and makes us experience a lot of feelings of tenderness and protection, as well as trust in the other and serenity.

A newborn, a being full of light

The desire to meet a newcomer in the family or group of friends is something very normal, especially if it is the first one. A newborn baby inspires so much tenderness that it is impossible not to want to touch, kiss and hug it.

A baby is a wonderful being, with a capacity to grasp and learn, with eyes that seem to look at everything, with a desire to put everything in its mouth to learn, with hands that when touched, grasp tightly so as not to be left alone and with an open mind.

But, at the same time, he is very helpless, completely dependent on his parents and the people around him for love, trust, food, warmth, mobility, and his relation to others.

In this case, for uncles and aunts, a newborn nephew is that child that life has not yet given them. It is that being full of light that comes to change their days, filling them with infinite love. It brings them closer to the wonders of childhood and trains them for an eventual future.

Nephews and nieces: what do they bring to aunts and uncles?

They bring a lot to their proud uncles and aunts. However, the nice thing they have to offer that little one that your sibling has brought into the world is fun, because they allow you to rejuvenate to relive your childhood again.

Being an aunt or uncle is to go back in time to feel what it is like to be a child. So much so that nieces and nephews become the best companions for adventures, as well as craziness. You will see your sense of humor resurface, while forgetting fears and prejudices.

They are also the best remedy against sadness because with them you renew energy and forget sorrows in an automatic and natural way. Nephews and nieces have the valuable ability to dissipate bad moods and eliminate the tiredness of a busy day.

Undoubtedly, nephews and nieces are the weakness of aunts and uncles. For them, you can do anything without thinking about it beforehand. It could not be otherwise; these special children have the gift to mobilize and touch the most sensitive fibers. They always give in to the most unusual requests to see them smile.

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