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The song "This is me"

Azra ( Indonesia Indonesia )

The song “This is me” by Keala Settle- Azra’s goosebump moment

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Azra: I am from Indonesia. My most goosebump moment is when I first heard the song “This is me” by Keala Settle. It is from a movie called “The Greatest Showman” which overall, I think the movie is also a masterpiece. But this song, when I first heard it, all I had to do was stand up, just move and get things done like when I am procrastinating, it is the song that makes me want to finish what’s important first and when I feel down, it’s such a big mood booster for me. And I have never heard a song so empowering before so I think that this song is such a masterpiece and I hope that it can be recognized more, recognized by more people.


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