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"Tadow" by Masego ft. FKJ

Joy ( Dominica Dominica )

The song “Tadow” by Masego with FKJ – Joy’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Joy and I am from the lovely island of Dominica in the Caribbean. My goosebump moment came about three months ago after seeing the song “Tadow” on YouTube. It is done by Masego with FKJ and it was just like watching a masterpiece. They started the video playing different instruments, the both of them actually and Masego can play the saxophone, he plays the drums, he plays the piano as I saw in another video, and he just can come up with an entire song playing everything all by himself and I was amazed cause he is this young guy, he is not even thirty! He has a mixed parentage: Jamaican and African-American and just seeing his skills and his range in the studio, I have been his fan since then!”


A great collaboration

Being always surrounded by countless musical influences, singer Masego has created tracks in his career that are modern in essence, but full of organic and soulful elements.

His most notable collaboration and with which he gained great recognition, is together with FKJ for the song “Tadow”, released in 2017. The video of this work reached millions of plays on YouTube and is undoubtedly one of his most famous collaborations, made in Paris in a jam session with musician FKJ.

In the video clip, the two artists are seen playing their instruments live. This success was surpassed by the single “Lady Lady”, released two months before the release of the full album.

Multifaceted and promising youth

Masego is a singer-songwriter born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1993. His real name is Micah Davis and he is a music producer and professional saxophonist. Currently based in the United States, he is considered one of the key figures of the Trap House Jazz fusion genre.

Since 2015 he became known in the artistic world by releasing the singles “De Nada” and “Girls That Dance”. In 2016 he made his debut with the album “Loose Thoughts”. He was born in Jamaica but he has been living in Newport News, Virginia since childhood. He grew up in the United States and trained as an artist in a self-taught way.

Masego can play the cello, drums, piano, and guitar, but he specialized in the saxophone, an instrument for which he feels special appreciation and which he generally uses in his songs. His beginnings were in the choir of the local church. From an early age he began to compose and produce his own songs, which he recorded and published in different pages.

His first songs were published on his SoundCloud account, among these are: “Hey Mami”, “Rain Dance”, “Wild Mind” and “Hood Safari”.

In April 2016, he released the album “Loose Thoughts”, which contains eight tracks. His second album “Lady Lady” was released in 2018. This features a music video, in which two artists are seen playing their instruments live in an impressive way. After its publication it went viral and in a short time the song became a trend.

The album “Lady Lady”, released in September 2018, consists of fourteen songs, including the singles “Tadow”, in an extended version, and “Lady Lady Lady”.

In almost 5 years Masego has managed to establish herself in the R&B scene. In his songs he introduces sounds and styles from other genres such as House and Trap that have been so booming in recent years.

FKJ: a passion for French House music

Vincent Frenton, known professionally as French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), is a French instrumentalist, singer and musician. Born in Tours on March 26, 1990, FKJ has been described as a “pioneer and standard bearer” of the new wave of French House. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, French Kiwi Juice learned about music production while working as an engineer in a theater.

Together with various artists on the Roche Musique label, French Kiwi developed an electronic sub-genre of new French House in early 2010. His style combines a touch of house with more organic and delicate elements.

French Kiwi Juice incorporates elements of funk, soul, jazz and blues into his pieces as well as beat sequences from Ableton (an audio and MIDI sequencer), looping keyboards, guitars, saxophones and basses that he plays one by one.

More about Masego and FKJ:


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