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The pride of being a teacher

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The pride of being a teacher and seeing students’ progress – Miguel’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Miguel, I am from the Bahamas and my goosebump moment was a few years ago, when I was still in college and looking for a job to pay my expenses. I was so fortunate to find a job as a chemistry teacher. My main task was to prepare my students for the admissions test for several universities. Since the hardest part was chemistry, I put all my effort into explaining complex topics, in the simplest way possible. Three months passed, the course ended and so did my time at the institute. One year passed and they were doing the ceremony for the new admissions at my university, I attended, and I was so surprised to see that most of my students were among the new admissions. Once the ceremony ended, they approached me and told me that because of my classes they were able to get into the walk the path that they really wanted. The whole thing brought tears to my eyes and I was so proud of them. And that is how I fell in love with teaching and the reason why I hope to become a father one day”.


The role of teachers

What greater pride is there, for a teacher, than seeing that their students have passed selectivity and that they can access the profession they want. It is a great incentive to know that you are part of that future, a grain of sand, which, together with the effort of the student, will make it possible for them to reach their goal.

The life of a good teacher is a permanent exercise of generosity. First as active teachers, on a day-to-day basis in our classrooms, in the corridors of the school with an outstretched hand in the face of our students’ doubts.

The best teachers know that their students are people in whose human development they are collaborating, so they know how to cultivate and promote in them the development of the basic cultural skills of communication, critical thinking, problem solving and participation, as well as the development and consolidation of fundamental civic and cultural values.

Teacher’s empathy

Empathy is a fundamental value in all kinds of circumstances, but it is also not only applicable in the education of children, adults must also exercise and practice it; even more so if we are in direct contact with children, as is the case with parents and educators.

We have all had teachers of different types: motivating, vocational, stimulating, boring, authoritarian, challenging… We have had good and bad teachers. What is the difference between them? Perhaps one of the answers lies in the level of empathy of the teacher towards the student.

The importance of being empathetic in the classroom with the students and maintaining a pleasant and warm environment obtains better results on the students than the strict discipline and distance with the student.

This is demonstrated by research carried out in Finland that shows that the interaction between the student and the teacher is more important than other factors such as the materials with which one works or the number of students in a classroom.

Why be a teacher?

Among the benefits of being a teacher or teacher we can count the working conditions. Although it is not what most defines the work itself, it is something that we should attend to. The schedule, vacations and remuneration are usually stable.

But being a teacher or teacher is not for everyone, there are emotional factors that intervene in the development of the activity. Vocation is a quality that must be closely watched when it comes to teaching. Being a teacher or teacher implies molding the personality of the students.

In addition, a fundamental part is to develop a sixth sense to discover the skills and shortcomings of students. A good teacher is one who knows his students and helps them choose one professional path or another. Education is one of the pillars that sustains a country. Classrooms are spaces for reflection, debate and discovery. A good teacher can inspire the necessary curiosity and imagination that will later be the basis of global innovations.

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