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Sonya ( Mongolia Mongolia )

The passion for traveling and exploring new places – Sonya’s goosebumpmoment

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Sonya: “Hello, I’m from Mongolia, Ulan-Bator. And my major goosebump moment is when I travel. I really like traveling. And my first ever trip was when I was a student and it was to Paris, France. Since then, I really like traveling to new destinations and exploring new countries. I feel really excited when I board a plane and head to my next destination, as it gives me the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, discover new cultures and traditions. Thanks to my current occupation and job, I had the opportunity to visit several countries and it was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, currently we’re all in a lockdown and some countries have imposed strict border lockdowns, and we are not able to visit other countries like we used to do before. But hopefully, in 2021 and 2022 people will be able to tackle this Covid-19 pandemic and we finally can resume our normal lifestyle. And for those who are watching this video, I wish you to have all exciting enjoyable goosebump moments in your life, and thank you for watching this video.”


The “Wanderlust” effect

“Wanderlust” defines that passion for traveling that, according to various studies, would have a genetic origin and would also be present in about 20% of the population. Many explain it almost as a constant desire to know the world, an unstoppable tickling on the feet that translates into having to pack a suitcase every so often to satisfy the need to know other scenarios, other latitudes and cultures.

Just search for the tag or the hashtag “wanderlust” to discover the large number of publications there are about it. There are those who work only to travel, those who invest what they earn on a plane, train or bus ticket to see new places.

What effects does traveling have on our lives?

Traveling is a pleasure. Opening your mind to new places, customs, cultures and traditions can offer a sense of well-being similar to having a good meal or winning a lottery prize.

Without a doubt, it disconnects from the daily routine. The strict schedules imposed by today’s society are replaced by something totally different and idyllic, which will be a vitamin boost for the mind and of course for the human body.

Planes, trains, cars, subways and trams are some of the means of transportation that make a dream trip. Although in recent years, fashion is prevailing and it is possible to travel safely by ferry, navigating the sea, contemplating the city from another perspective.

Why does traveling make us happy?

Traveling makes us happy because it offers us the opportunity to step out of our reality, and provides us with a platform to explore and practice our ideal visions of ourselves, who we would be if we weren’t married to our fears and anxieties about safety, and security.

Traveling makes us happy for several reasons, but mainly because in most cases it makes us be here and now. When we are in a distant city that we longed to visit, we know in advance that we will not be there forever, that our days are numbered and we must take advantage of them. That makes us enjoy much more than when we take things for granted, for example in our daily routine.

Travelers gaze at the Eiffel Tower in wonder while Parisians barely turn to see it. There are so many things we take for granted that travel makes us aware of: the beauty of our planet and the beauty of human emotion. It reminds us that we are capable of creating, destroying and enjoying.

Traveling also puts us to the test and as if it were a video game, we go out from world to world, making ourselves feel proud of ourselves, productive, educated, traveled! That feeling of satisfaction fills us with fulfillment and happiness. We have surpassed ourselves.

What does traveling teach us?

Travel changes our lives and teaches us about ourselves and the world we live in. We become poetic and sentimental and we learn about budgets, organisation, and luggage. One of the things that you learn while traveling, is to be a more exciting and responsible person.

Traveling also awakens that sense in us that makes us pay attention to every little detail, it brings the emotion of “first times” to our lives in an amazing way. In big and small things, we do not stop being curious and nervous about everything new that is presented to us on a daily basis.

Travel also teaches us to be more tolerant. All the people who cross our path with a different aspect, religion, way of thinking, values and attitude towards life, show us that they feel, laugh, cry, interact, suffer and love. That is why we learn to look at others without a prior filter.

Traveling teaches us about culture because when learning comes from our own experience we are able to retain a much greater amount of information. This way, we can digest and understand different cultures much better.


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