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Meaning of being a mother

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The meaning of being a mother – Hina’s goosebumpmoment

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Hina: “Hi, I currently reside in Oman. My goosebump moment was when I held my daughter after giving birth to her. She was my first child and when I held her in my arms, I had goosebumps all over my body. Seeing such a tiny human being, who is completely dependent on me, for food, for cleanups, I just got my whole perspective of being alive, completely changed. She’s a year old now, but whenever she reaches her little milestones like when she would start talking or walking, I would get goosebumps every single time. Carrying her for 9 months and seeing that face completely blew me away. That was my goosebumpmoment.”


Being a mother

In addition to giving us goosebumps, being a mother makes us feel and act differently. You are more responsible, you develop a sixth sense and your way of seeing life takes a complete turn. It makes you mature in a much more positive sense and as a woman, you want to give your baby the best.

Not only are we able to give up things that we previously thought important, but we do it with pleasure knowing that it is for the benefit of our baby and we adapt our lives.

What feelings are experienced when we are mothers?

Being a mother makes you feel things that you have never felt and you are going to experience things that you have never experienced. It will be an adventure to see how a new life is born, grows and develops. You will value things that were not important before and you will understand decisions that your parents made with which you might not have agreed.

In addition, you feel a lot of fulfilment, happiness and a love without equal, which surpasses everything known to you, with an incomparable protective instinct.

There are also many doubts, and for that it is always good to turn to other mothers, a sister, friend, neighbour, etc.

Why does being a mom make us happy?

There are many women, and it is absolutely respectable, for whom the choice to be a mother does not mean the fulfilment of their life. Instead, they focus their vocation on other issues such as their profession or work, which is what really makes them happy.

However, being a mother allows you to find happiness in the happiness of your children, it is a condition that motherhood provides. For a mother to be happy, she needs to see that her little ones are happy too.

However, happiness itself does not depend on motherhood. You do not instantly become happy by having children. In fact, there are many emotional imbalances that one faces.

Most mothers talk about ‘falling in love’ with their baby almost as soon as they see him. They feel intense emotion and happiness.

Parents’ lives also change. This great love that is born is the first step in forming a bond with your child. That love helps the mother identify with what is happening to her baby, to understand it, to empathise with it and to take on the great task that is beginning.

Without a doubt, being a mother causes a complete restructuring of our normality, adapting to the baby and changing our way of life, which will lead to having goals and objectives that we may not have had before.

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