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The importance of family

Naeem ( Burundi Burundi )

The importance of family – Naeem’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Naeem, and I live in Burundi. My goosebump moment is called Buja city! There is this hill next to our beautiful city that my family and I go to whenever anyone is stressed, worried or just about anything in general. We go there to see the shimmering lights of the city, the buildings around, a beacon to our mind’s eye. Sometimes also during the day, as the golden sun shines on that amazing city and reflects everything on the lake besides it. Then I just realized, since then, how family really is so important to us. Especially during these difficult uncertain times, family is really our key, our pillar and it is the only thing, our only constant that we have. That is how important it is. Since then, I have just tried to make anyone and everyone around me as happy as I can and spent as much time as I can with my family. And yeah, that is my goosebump moment!”


Family fills our lives with happiness

Our family is a very important part of our lives. It helps us to improve our personality and build our character; it teaches us the value of love, affection, caring, honesty, and self-confidence, and provides us with the tools we need to succeed in life.

Family is a place where you can be yourself. It is a place where you are accepted for who you are. It is where you are free of stress, and everyone is there to help you. Family encourages you when you are surrounded by problems. They help you survive in difficult times and fill your life with joy and happiness.

What is a family and what is its importance?

The family is the fundamental human group for the growth and integral realization of people and their communities. It is the basic cell of Society and the family itself establishes the members that compose it and form an active part of its being, with their own histories, values, difficulties, and interests.

In this sense, the family is designated as the group of people who have a degree of kinship and live together as such. According to sociology, the term family refers to the minimum social unit constituted by the father, mother, and children. According to law, the family is a group of persons related by degree of kinship.

The family relationship

The importance of the family relationship will have repercussions on our social life, first in the infant stage, then in the adolescent stage, and later in adult life.

The family is a source in the first place to receive information about attitudes, social and personal values. Secondly, it is a source of information about oneself, about how one is, through opinions, value judgments and the quality of treatment that is conferred.

Finally, it serves to develop self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to the manifestations of love and recognition through covering basic affective needs: the need for affection, acceptance, and security.

For all the above, the family is a highly appreciated asset in today’s life, if it generates support and the existence of a good environment, since this will have a decisive influence on the development of the mature personality. The relationships within the family unit itself will determine the values, affections, and attitudes of the adult person.

The family environment, whatever the family is, has very important educational and affective functions. Interpersonal relationships have a positive influence if the family environment is positive and constructive. It is conducive to the proper development of the person.

Reasons why family is the most important thing

No matter what happens in life or the difficulties we go through, it is imperative that we never lose connection with the people we love the most. Family is the gift we are given at birth, and we should never put anyone or anything before family relationships.

Family has helped make you the person you are today. Generally, there are many of us fortunate enough to say that family has been there every step of the way in everything we have done and achieved so far in life. They have gone out of their way to raise us to be the best individual we can be.

It’s not a house, it’s a home: family makes a house a home and we don’t usually realize it until we leave. The time we spend with fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins are moments that are always cherished and treasured. The feeling of fullness of being with family is incomparable.

Family should not make you feel alone or lost because of a bad decision, but should guide you, advise you and understand you. Being reprimanded for a mistake is simply one more way of showing that they care about you so that they can learn from mistakes and grow from them.

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