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Flying in the pilot cockpit

Avazkhon ( Tajikistan Tajikistan )

The experience of flying in the pilot cockpit – Avazkhan’s goosebump moment

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Avazkhon: “Hello, I come from Tajikistan. My first ever and one of the most exciting goosebump moments was when I was 9 years old and my dad took me to the plane and since my dad was a pilot, I had an option to enter the pilot cockpit. This was one of the most amazing views, the sky full of stars and I was so lucky to see the sunrise as well. Since then, I always wanted to become a pilot so I could see views like this every day.”


An amazing experience

Unlike flying an airplane, virtually all of us have been passengers on one. If we are on an airliner, we watch the flight attendants move around the cabin and act predictably. Sometimes we even wonder what is going on when the plane tilts to one side or descends. However, in most cases, we are being “taken for a ride” and are just waiting to get to our destination.

However, having the special privilege of being a passenger in the cockpit of the aircraft makes us much more aware of what is happening. We see how the captain moves the controls, the knobs and switches, and one of the most precious experiences, one that certainly gives us goosebumps, is the sight of coming in for a landing.

Being a passenger in the cockpit

Beyond the context of those bittersweet experiences, there is so much more to aviation that makes it an incredible experience, one you will never forget.

For example, one of the most unexpected elements of being a passenger in the cockpit is that you are much more in touch with the outside environment. As the plane climbs, you will notice that it gets colder inside the cockpit; whilst flying, you will feel the winds and when you land, you can even smell the ground.

It certainly feels like an expression of great freedom: being able to see up close how the plane climbs, turns and descends, as well as moving in three dimensions without stop signs or dashed lines on the pavement. It almost feels like you are a bird, as free as the wind.

Seeing the world from a pilot’s perspective

When it comes to natural phenomena of great beauty, airline pilots have a front row seat.

Sunrise and sunset, moonlight illuminating rivers, dramatic desert landscapes, purple lightning, psychedelic sunsets, brilliant clouds, aurora borealis, amazing cloud formations and some of the world’s most beautiful natural spectacles can be appreciated while traveling in the cockpit; an experience that is certainly far more exhilarating than the view from the passenger window.

From the cockpit of an airplane, the view is more than privileged and you can see another perspective of the marvellous night scenery.

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