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Tap dancing on stage

Veronika ( Czech Republic Czech Republic )

The emotion of the dancer on stage – Veronika’s goosebump moment

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Veronika: “Hi, I am from the Czech Republic. My goosebump moment happened in the year 2014 when I represented my country in the “World Tap Dancing Championship”. It was a very remarkable year for us overall. We got bronze, silver, even gold medals. However, I would like to talk about that moment when you walk up on that stage as a very synchronised group. Everything on point takes your position and then you wait for the very first beat of the music. That moment, that very second when you wait is unforgettable. Everything freezes down and you only hear yourself breathing. I remember that very moment, I really wanted to scream out loud “let us be introduced already”. It’s still my goosebump moment and I still get goosebumps.”


A vigorous form of dance

Curiously, the euphoria in tap dancing, as in soccer, is experienced in situations like those in which happiness is felt. Especially when you are on stage in front of hundreds of people, and you achieve an exceptional performance or even win the title for which you are competing.

Tap dance is usually considered a discipline in which the dancers are often fascinating for the emotion they express through their movements. It is undoubtedly a vigorous form of dance, which incites you to be happy, to have fun and to jump.

A cocktail of emotions

On stage, the artist pours everything out of his inner self. The dance clothes and all his movements are perfectly synchronized. The most appreciated performances are those in which the audience can feel the artist’s feelings in a superbly executed piece.

Many experienced performers reveal that they feel a cocktail of emotions before going on stage: anxiety, nervousness and even fear. For some, all these emotions disappear completely at the sound of the first musical note and the first dance step.

What is Tap Dance?

Tap dancing is a type of dance that is characterized by using percussion, the sounds of the tapping of heels and the tips of shoes, accompanied by characteristic and interpretive body movements. Its roots can be found in minstrel shows, and it has become an art form and form of expression with the evolution of jazz.

It is an American dance genre that evolved over a period of about three hundred years. Initially a fusion of British and West African musical traditions, it emerged in America in the southern United States in the eighteenth century. The Irish jig from Ireland and the Gioube from West Africa mutated into the American jig and the American juba. These, in turn, merged into a dance form called “jigging” which, in the 1800s, was adopted by dancers who developed tap into a popular 19th century stage show.

Each year a World Tap Dance Championship is held; a competitive event presented by the International Dance Organisation (IDO), created in 1981 to organise competitions for dance forms not covered by other international federations and governing bodies.

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