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The day I became a doctor

Ahmad ( Iran Iran )

The day I became a doctor – Ahmad´s goosebump moment

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Ahmad: “Hello, my name is Ahmad and I am from Iran. My goosebump moment is about my childhood ambition coming true. My ambition was to become a doctor and help humanity with my services and my family wanted to see me as a doctor as well. To achieve this, I struggled very hard. I had a part-time job to pay my study expenses. After time spent, the day came when I became a doctor and I got my doctorate. The day was such a blessing, when I was holding it and a wonderful moment. My mother was weeping with happiness. It was my great goosebump moment.”


Being a doctor, an inspiration to keep fighting

“Everything is achieved with effort, dedication and whatever you set your mind to achieve your dreams.” Phrases like these have been expressed as inspiration by many dreamers who have fought and continue to do so to achieve their goals.

For many, becoming a doctor is a big dream to strive for. Medicine is one of the most respected professions in the world. Saving lives and helping people regain their health is a job that has a strong sense of morality and gives professionals immense satisfaction.

The medical profession requires dedication and hard work, and many people choose to go into the field because they have a calling to help others. For some, it is an innate sense of compassion or the need to give back to society. For others, it may be their yearning to delve deeper into medical research.

The happiness of parents for their children’s achievements

One of the most joyful moments in a parent’s life is seeing their child graduate from school or college. As parents, nothing fills us with more satisfaction and pride than to observe how our children have the initiative to excel and obtain the best results in their academic performance, especially when they even boast a result in a certain subject.

It is then when we reflect and feel that it has been worthwhile to have sown values and moral principles that later are collected and translated into personal achievements of our children, that they exhibit as a sign that the effort gave the expected fruits.

As part of our mission as parents, one of our responsibilities is to encourage our children, motivating them to excel every day in the activities that correspond to their age, especially in the academic field, so that they can be students of excellence.

Why do people become doctors?

Demonstrating their desire to excel, as well as showing a high level of tenacity and perseverance, are some of the traits that really show their suitability and passion for the medical field.

Health dictates how we function and live our lives. Illness and injury can have a disastrous impact on our overall quality of life. One of the reasons being a doctor is so rewarding, is that it restores sick people to health.

Doctors also nurse you back to health and act as an instrument of change that can guide you toward an improved way of life. This includes a diet and exercise regimen that has been scientifically studied and helps improve overall health.

Aspiring doctors find their calling in many unique ways, and each contributes to society by providing beneficial treatments and innovative health practices.

Reasons to become a doctor

There is no doubt, medicine is a vocational career, perhaps the most vocational of all. Most students who enter medical school have the goal of helping others. Nothing is more rewarding than a patient you have been able to save or relieve.

Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Medical Research, etc. Medical students are faced with many choices when it comes to specialization. So much so that the biggest problem will be deciding between so much variety.

They also receive a complete training that includes anatomy, genetics, physics, chemistry, pediatrics, statistics, psychiatry, administration, etc. In short, a curriculum that covers a great deal of knowledge.

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