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The ‘A Place Further than the Universe’ anime series – Jorge’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, my name is Jorge Suegart and I’m from Kiribati. My goosebump moment came to me thanks to an anime series called ‘A Place Further than the Universe’. The story about a girl who wants to travel more than anything in the world really resonated with me and took me back to those days when I traveled across the country. If you want to enjoy a slice-of-life story with amazing characters, please take a look at this story.”


Four Japanese friends and an unusual expedition

‘A Place Further than the Universe’ premiered in January 2018 for 13 episodes. It is based on a manga by Nene Yoimachi that began publication on September 27, 2017. The studio in charge of the animation was Madhouse, which today is already a seal of quality.

During the 13 chapters, the animation remains excellent, even focusing on the details, especially at the landscape level. They also recreate the ship’s environment and peculiarities, and the truth is that it has two or three scenes with the icebreaker that make the hair stand on end.

Into the unknown

A well-known phrase goes, “If you don’t find anyone to go to the mountain with, you will most likely find those people along the way.” This is what happens in ‘A Place Further than the Universe’. The protagonists begin the story as strangers to each other. However, they know that something is missing in their lives (even if they are not sure what it is).

What makes this story unique is not so much the plot, but its ability to improve episode by episode. It all begins as a rather naive adventure with a group of somewhat crazy high school students. But progressively, they mature until they acquire quite complex personalities. At least one episode focuses specifically on each of the main characters.

Stepping out of their comfort zone

While at first glance it would seem that this is an anime belonging to the CGDCT (cute-girls-doing-cute-things) subgenre, it is a fusion between a slice-of-life and a coming-of-age adventure with high emotional stakes.

Throughout the development, we see the path the protagonists go through, the complications that arise, the difficult moments, the laughter, the crying, and the strong friendship that is slowly forged. And as they grow, so do we – viewers – a little bit.

‘A Place Further than the Universe’ is about leaving the comfort zone and traveling into the unknown, both physically and symbolically. The world is too big a place to be content with what is close at hand.

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