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My mom's wedding

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Seeing my mom in her wedding dress – Mafi’s goosebump moment

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Mafi: “Hi, I come from Ethiopia and my goosebump moment is seeing my mom in her wedding dress. It used to be my dream to see her have the right partner because I remember when she and my dad were together, and I did not think they were a good match. So, when I was 10 I told them to break up and surprisingly, they listened, and they broke up. But they had this amazing friendship and they co-parented me so very well. I am very thankful. I thought she would be a good match with my stepdad, my now stepdad. I was 12 when I begged her to date him, but she was hesitant at first. But at some point, he got to her thankfully and they started dating and she married him when she was 43 and I was her maid of honor. It was amazing.”


One of the most exciting scenes of our lives

The wedding of a loved one is undoubtedly one of those moments that one never forgets. Especially when you are a child, and it is the marriage of your mother. Because there is a nexus and a unique and special family bond between a mother and her children.

One of the most representative scenes is to see a mother in her wedding dress. An instance in which many marvel and get excited for unlike anytime before in their lives. Undoubtedly, it is a moment in which many of us cannot hold back tears.

And, for many, the bridal attire is one of the most important accessories of their lives. They even keep it and pass it from generation to generation. After all, it is a memory with thousands of anecdotes included.

An unforgettable day

Taking that big step into a life as a couple is an unforgettable moment, and even more so when you share the news with the most important people, among them your children.

When they hear that you have decided to unite your path with the man you love, they will be as happy as you and your partner, and without a doubt be between smiles and tears whilst expressing emotion.

Weddings are sentimental occasions of great happiness, where both family and friends of the couple are touched and eager to express their love.

Most women at some point in our lives dream of getting married, of finding the right person to start a life together full of projects, dreams, expectations and above all, learning. That dream fills us with happiness when we share it with our children.

Many of us think about the proposal, that moment in which we decide to give that longed for “Yes”. Some prefer something romantic, others something adventurous, others something simple. But we all dream of that moment that will remain engraved in our memories and where the countdown begins to sharing our lives with another person.

Children want to see their parents happy

The pillars of happiness in the family are undoubtedly the parents and the first thing we need for the happiness of the children is to have happy parents.

One of the characteristics of happy parents is that they take special time for life as a couple, without children. This is one of the greatest favors they can do for their children, since a happy, empathetic and understanding couple creates happier and more independent children. The couple needs to spend quality time together.

Other variables that also characterize happy parents are to have inner peace, to be certain that everything possible was done to fulfill the duty and to be positive. That is, to look for and get the best out of every situation.

Seek to have good emotional relationships, have realistic and kind goals, try to feel and express gratitude, learn to live in the moment, try to do what you like the most, that is, have a hobby that you practice, eat well, sleep well, have a meaning and purpose in life, have a religious or spiritual belief, make your work a passion, not just a duty, have realistic expectations, not dreams almost impossible to achieve, work on those obstacles to happiness, identify them and overcome them.

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