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Riding a hot air balloon in Laos

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Riding a hot air balloon in Vang Vieng, Laos – Rachel’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! My name is Rachel. I am from Australia, and I want to talk about my goosebump moment. When I was 18, I went on my 1st solo trip and I went to Laos, which is a country in South Asia, and I met some people in a hostel. Me and these people decided to go in a hot air balloon, and it was beautiful. We got out into the sky, it was a sunset and really early and some other people came out and we definitely had goosebumps. The color is the origin of the paint’s sky of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen and every time I think of it, it brings me back to this moment and really makes me smile. Going to Asia and being in a hot air balloon was something I never planned, but it is something that I loved, seeing the green, the land, and that is my goosebump moment!”


A fascinating balloon rides

Laos, the small country of Southeast Asia, always remains in the background when one thinks of traveling in this area. However, little by little Laos is beginning to emerge showing the world all its goodness, both cultural and natural.

Vang Vieng, one of its most famous cities, where you will find dozens of quality accommodations, and endless lists of adventures to do in its surroundings. Kayaking on the Nam Song River, cycling, trekking routes through its beautiful karst landscapes or take a balloon ride.

Riding in a hot air balloon is one of the experiences that you have to live at least once in life. You will have the chance to enjoy spectacular views much better. Undoubtedly, it is an unforgettable spectacle and everywhere you look, you only find beauty.

The clouds under your feet, the sun on the horizon, the illuminated mountains, it is impossible to stop looking at it. You even feel like looking through the camera lens, you don’t want to stop seeing the spectacle with your own eyes.

Vang Vieng, an adventure on earth

Besides being a destination for fun and outdoor sports, Vang Vieng is a postcard village. It perfectly responds to that faraway and picturesque place to which we have all wished to exile ourselves at some point.

The life of the 25,000 inhabitants revolves around the two banks of the Nam Song River, with its calm and peaceful waters, like the character of the Laotians.

In the background, as if it were a movie set from the golden years of Hollywood, rises a mountain range of limestone origin, with sharp peaks like daggers. The sunset, behind this natural screen, breaks the light into pink hues, with some of the most sublime views to behold in Laos. This past year, it has become fashionable to watch the sunset from a hot air balloon.

Tubing is the queen activity, the biggest attraction of this tourist destination. The nautical adventure lasts half a day, and the river trip takes about two hours. It is important to avoid the months of the rainy season, from March to July, when the flow increases substantially. The dynamic is simple: jump into the river on the back of a car tire to enjoy the pleasure of letting yourself be carried by the current.

The succession of landscapes transforms this humble means of transport into an unforgettable experience: green banks with dense vegetation, oxen grazing, children bathing and villagers cultivating rice. The ride meanders in the wake of the mountain range, which during the day is all shades of green, while late in the day it takes on shades of silver and indigo.

The karst caves are another of the great attractions of Vang Vieng. They are located about 15 kilometers from the village, the best known is Tham Nam. As long as it is not the rainy season you can go inside, which extends for hundreds of meters. It is an adventure activity in which at times you feel like Indiana Jones himself.

Vang Vieng by night

During the night Vang Vieng dresses up. There are many places with views of the river and a neat decoration that includes swings and lights decorating the trees. If you are looking for a party, on weekends there are places open until the wee hours of the morning. At the entrance of the village there are some very simple restaurants, with tables right on the riverbank, so close that you can touch the water with your hands.

There they serve you a barbecue, a typical Laotian dish. They place a griddle on the table to grill the meat, usually pork and beef. On the edges of the griddle there is a space for boiling soup. They provide the broth, pasta, vegetables and eggs for you to prepare yourself. Don’t be surprised if a group of Laotians invites you to their table to share a glass of Bierlao beer, one of the country’s emblems. At that moment, your immersion in the land of a million elephants will be total.

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