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Surprise family reunions

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Returning home and surprising loved ones – Oscar’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Oscar. I am from Kyrgyzstan. My goosebump moment is every time I come back from here, where I am living, to my homeland which is Spain, and I watch my children. Most of the time I come visit them, I try to make it a surprise for them. They do not expect that I am going. So, suddenly they are coming out of school or coming out of the gym, and in whatever moment, unexpectedly, they see me, and they jump on me. This is a very wonderful moment, and it always makes me emotional. So, well, this is what we are looking for, this is what we are like… fighting for. For our loved ones. Thank you so much!”



There are many emotions that we experience when we get back together with our loved ones after a long time without seeing them. Although each family situation is different, the feelings of the returnee and their relatives at home are of extreme happiness and joy.

Living far away from family is usually not easy. All those who live hundreds or thousands of kilometers from their relatives can account for that sad feeling, which, despite everything, includes some happy moments: reunions. And if they are by surprise, the joy ends up overflowing and gives goosebump moments.

The reunions and the surprises

Surprise is a very pleasant emotion that produces infinite joy. The best surprises are those that are completely unexpected. In addition, it is also especially valued that someone can surprise another person without spending money, completely free of charge. For example, within a couple, it is possible to surprise the other with a romantic note in which you can express a message of intimate love to preserve over time.

On the other hand, one way to surprise the other person is to make a surprise visit. The reunion between two people who have a special bond is magical. In fact, Christmas is an ideal time for reunions and surprises. A magical time with a family flavor. The value of family is essential to face life with a positive and beautiful perspective.

In addition, surprising another person is an illusion for oneself since to the extent that a person plans something pleasant for another. They also feel the magic that springs from their heart. A generous heart that realizes the importance of giving in order to receive, but above all, the need to give in order to share truth and hope.

In addition, we must learn to surprise others not only on dates and at key moments in life, but also at specific times when a person is sad and needs emotional reinforcement to move forward.

Benefits of family reunions

Family reunions, plans or trips with friends (either alone or as a couple), returning to the town or to our place of origin, taking up collective sports or leisure hobbies are events that we live with more intensity.

Reunions are wonderful from an emotional point of view. They activate hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins, among others. They cause a surge of energy in the body that makes people behave differently from their daily behavior in some cases.

This motivates the joy of seeing someone who was an important part of our past. An example is the case of the reunions between families, parents and children that have can meet and share the experiences that they currently have in the different contexts in which they develop.

According to a study carried out at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom), it was found that nostalgia is not only an emotion related to the past, but also has a positive effect on the future. Likewise, according to Tim Wildschut, one of the authors, it also provides some psychological comfort, and it has been discovered that it can increase the feeling of optimism about the future.

This corroborates the importance of a reunion between affections. Not all reunions occur voluntarily, on some occasions chance plays an important role and a situation arises, in which everyone is in the same place. This can generate a moment of great joy that will surely end in an excellent evening for those who are present.

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