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Overcoming obstacles in life

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Overcoming obstacles in life – Anna’s goosebump moment

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“I guess every person has that moment when they realize that everything you did in the past just makes sense now. And every dark moment, every abusive people, and every trauma – it is a blessing. That is what made you who you are. And that is why you are standing right here, where you are. And that was my goosebump moment. When I was on a stage, performing my favorite song, performing in theatre as an actress. As I always dreamed of. And I had enough friends, and I had enough money, and I had enough love. And I just felt most alive and happy”.


Obstacles reveal your true identity

Some of life’s challenges will tear you apart. When this happens, you know who you really are. Sometimes, you don’t know your full capabilities and tendencies. Challenges exist to test you and stretch you beyond your limits.

The fact is that once you have revealed your limitations and inclinations, you can begin to take steps to deal with them and win in life. You will be forced to overcome these obstacles, which will help uncover the real you and give you goosebumps.

Discover what limits you

Sit down and assess your limiting factors. What are the obstacles standing between you and your goals?

Find out why you’re not meeting your deadline. Avoid digging up your list of complaints, as it will eventually culminate in excuses.

For example, if you said, “I don’t have enough time,” reflect on where you are spending your time and energy. Your limiting factors may be procrastination, complacency, or external events. If you say, “I don’t have enough funds,” it’s most often related to priorities.

Your immediate challenge may be lack of motivation or time, or you must commit to learning how to earn additional income and reduce your expenses.

How to reach a goal?

Progress is a day-to-day thing. So is changing what is holding you back. The decisions you make are important, but above all it will be the action that determines the weight of those decisions.

It is important to make the effort to look for our mission, which will not be an obligation, but something that brings meaning to life. Once we have identified our values and mission, we can establish our goals.

We must identify the activities and feelings that are most likely to ensure that the goal will be achieved. Knowing the benefits will drive and motivate the individual to take the actions aimed at achieving the goal.

We must predict whether the achievement of the goal may entail negative consequences, as well as estimate the resources and tools you will need to achieve the goal.

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