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My first parachute jump

Ena ( Croatia Croatia )

My first parachute jump – Ena’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! I am Ena, I come from Croatia and my goosebump moment is my parachute jump. I went on a tandem jump, that is the one where you are strapped together with the instructor. And I remember the instructor asking me if I was ready for the jump and opening the doors of the little plane, and I looked down and all I could say was: “Well…” and the next thing I know we were out, falling, and the ground getting very close and then the parachute opened, and I looked around and I was in total awe. I can still remember, even though it was ten years ago, but I can still remember the way the light hit the Earth, the feeling, feeling the breeze on my face and just that flying feeling that is not like any other. It is a whole-body goosebump.”


A different experience

Skydiving has this amazing way of feeling completely different from most people’s notions, and even more so, the experience is different for each person. Almost everyone walks out of the landing zone saying things like, “That wasn’t how I thought it was going to be. It was so much better!” or “I had no idea what freedom and beauty would feel like in free fall!”

That is why it is difficult to fully describe the experience of skydiving. Skydiving is just different. It is a unique experience because it leaves you in awe, it offers you a new perspective of the world around you, and it shows you the beauty that you did not know existed.

What does it feel like to skydive?

Skydiving is like flying. The climb to the jump point usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. When you fly on the plane, you realize the reality of your decision and the weight of your decision settles in. Nerves take you over. It’s scary, and yet it’s so satisfying at the same time.

You will be able to enjoy the white of the clouds, the immensity of the horizon, and the incredible landscape of the region. Once the door is opened, a gust of cold wind fills the plane and the heart races. Seeing someone jump out the door right in front of you is mind-boggling – they’re there at the door for a second and then they’re just gone.

It happens so fast that you don’t have time to process anything. Your instructor will tell you to move towards the door. Once they reach the gate, you will be able to look down and see the ground thousands of meters away. It is really different from what people imagine. It’s not like being on the edge of a building or on a ladder.

As you free fall at 120 mph (190 km/h) your mind is trying to comprehend the sensations of free fall and the sights around you. The brain tries to keep up with what is happening. We call this feeling ‘sensory overload’. It is as if your brain is minutes late looking at the ground after your body has left and is in free fall. Skydiving is windy, adrenaline pumping and intense.

By the time the parachute opens, your brain is still getting used to the feeling of free fall. Everything ends before it’s ready to end and it’s hard to remember exactly what just happened. People will watch videos of their first jump and don’t remember all the details until they see it on video. Their mind is having trouble remembering their first jump due to sensory overload.

The sensations that skydiving leaves us with

Maybe you want to repeat it or maybe not, but you will be convinced that you have lived a unique experience that has been very worthwhile. The sensations that skydiving gives you after landing are incredible. You feel absolutely fabulous and truly alive, like you can take on anything. And really, why not? You just jumped out of a plane for the first time! It is the most powerful feeling. Free fall feels amazing, but the after effects feel even better.

The more jumps you make, the more capable your brain is of processing everything that happens. Each jump you make will allow you to get more information and see, feel, hear, taste and smell everything around you. And the easier it will be to remember the details of your jump. Skydivers get addicted to the feeling of living in the moment because skydiving makes them feel alive.

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