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My graduation speech

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My emotional graduation speech – Veronica’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! I am Veronica, I come from Palau. My goosebump moment is giving my graduation speech. It all started when a teacher called me during my vacation to tell me that I was selected as the spokesperson for the ceremony of my graduation. I was extremely excited because that is the biggest achievement a graduate can get at my university. It was amazing to see how quickly I wrote my speech and how emotional it turned out to be. I just tried to talk about how grateful and excited I felt to be there standing in front of all my classmates after all that has happened with the pandemic. I could not help it when I was up there talking, and I got very emotional. I started crying out loud and then the whole audience (my classmates and their families) started a very emotional ovation, they were clapping to support me and that is, without a doubt, my biggest goosebump moment”.


An unrepeatable experience

A graduation speech is an important and unrepeatable occasion in your life and that of your classmates. It is a moment to inspire the rest of the world with your words because it is a turning point in a student’s life.

They are usually moments of retrospection, of reflection about the path they have traveled in their young lives. There is a lot of emotion, a lot of memories and that melancholy of realizing that they are no longer a child.

Add to that the nerves of having to speak in public with your speech. It is also an occasion to show off your best look, to gather your whole family and to enjoy the party and a job well done. It’s the time to put yourself to the test in front of a large audience, a fact that undoubtedly gives more than one person goose bumps.

The importance of the graduation speech

The importance of the speech lies in the way it is transmitted to an audience. The best way to do it is by following a series of guidelines that will help us to make your speech much better, unrecognizable, understandable and, most importantly, what you want the audience to receive.

When you have the honor of overseeing reciting the graduation speech before all the future graduates, teachers, students, parents, and guests, you have the responsibility of representing all your classmates.

Whether it is a high school, college, university or institute, the occasion calls for an inspirational speech.

What to say in your graduation speech?

1. Organize your ideas

First, organize the ideas you want to project and say in your speech in a draft. Second, maintain that order throughout the course of your participation in the graduation. This opportunity is one of the most anticipated parts of the graduation. Maintaining order in the development of the speech will make you look good and be respected and listened to by others.

2. Tell a story

How should you start, what should you say, what should you do? Tell a story. It can be an example of a success during graduating class, a memory of a moment that was unforgettable for everyone, or a simple humorous anecdote that captivates those who are listening. Telling a story will also work to help you deal with any nerves you may have. You’ll do great!

3. Use role models

Illustrious figures, teachers, alumni of the academic institution where you are studying, they can all be references to use for your words. What achievements have they had? How did the school or university where they studied help them in their development as professionals? Use them as a reference and inspiration for the message you want to convey.

4. Inspire and thank

Close the experience by inspiring your classmates to dream big and thanking them for the opportunity to have achieved one of your goals. Don’t forget to also thank those who allowed you to give the speech. Value the experience by dedicating time and attention to it!

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