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Meeting other scouts

Ariane ( Brazil Brazil )

Meeting other scouts – Ariane’s goosebump moment

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Ariane: “I am from Brazil and my goosebump moment was when I was in Iceland. I participated in a scout activity with more than four thousand scouts from around the world. I am a scout for 11 years so traveling to Iceland was an incredible moment in my life. In Iceland I met people from around the world. I have friends in all the world, in all countries and in Iceland I could see nature at its best. I saw snow, a waterfall, the midnight sun, rainbows, and the best things that nature can bring us.”


Friendships and connection with nature

Being a scout is one of the best things that could happen to us because of the values that are instilled in us such as the art of giving, friendship, and connecting with nature. All these characteristics make us feel like we are part of a family.

It is a privilege to be a scout, especially in the times we live in now, when everything goes so fast. Because of the evolution of the human species, we are moving further and further away from nature, which is really the place where we come from. Besides, belonging to scouting can help us see and live those difficult moments of life as an opportunity to grow as a person.

Being part of a scout group

Scouting is an educational movement that was founded by Robert Baden Powell in England in 1909 and is currently found in 165 countries, with approximately 40 million members.

The Scout movement emphasizes playful activities with educational objectives, outdoor activities, and community service, with the aim of building character and teaching human values in a practical way. Contrary to the academic-theoretical training received in school, the scouts emphasize example.

The entrance to this movement is by free choice, its members participate in the activities willingly, it is not imposed or obligatory. That is why being with other people, participating in recreational activities, getting to know new places in the city and other regions through trips, camps, and recreational visits, as well as relaxing and socializing, is such a great experience.

The structure of the Scout group is organized in ‘Branches’, which are distinguished by different programs and activities within the same scouting methodology: Cub Scout Branch (children from 7 to 10 years old), Scout Branch (youth from 11 to 14 years old), Senior Branch (15 to 17 years old) and Pioneer Branch (18 to 21 years old).

Human values in Scouting

Within its basic principles is the promotion of human values, emphasizing the value of the differences between men and women, and considering the human person as a being of singular and cultural identity, which should not be distinguished by origin, race, creed, or whatever their social situation might be. In this way, scouting seeks to instil a scale of values in the children and young members that fills their lives with meaning and gives them an argument with which they should act in a coherent manner.

For scouts, family is very important. It is considered the center of everything and therefore, through its practices, scouting shows young people an education based on love. This allows them to form families in which they form people with values, believers in social justice, servants of their community and solidarity above all.

Among the bases of scouting is also the love for nature and the environment, carrying out activities that show the whole community ways to cultivate love for the Earth and how to preserve it as best as possible.

As we can see, the scouts’ complementary education is carried out through active work in the community, a work that fosters human values crucial to living in a better society, as well as a strong love for nature, which is transformed into a true way of life. All of this is carried out under a strong social conscience, without failing to include political tendencies.

The activities carried out to achieve these goals are of all kinds: games, camps, field trips, excursions, activities for social purposes, community activities, wood construction, activities around health education, etc.

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