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Brother meets baby sister

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Brother meets baby sister for the first time – Sveta’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! I am Sveta and I come from Israel. My goosebump moment is when I brought my baby girl home for the first time and my older son was 2.5 years old. I was really scared that he could hurt her, that he would cry, that he would get angry or something, but that did not happen. Because when we brought her home, he looked at her, it was as if he understood who she was, and he stroked her, and he gave her a kiss. At that moment I understood that he would not do anything, and my worries were for nothing. And I just felt goosebumps all over my body.”


A great moment in the life of a sibling

Babies are always a sign of excitement and happiness for parents and family members who are eagerly awaiting them. But that joy is also passed on to their siblings, who see them being born and growing up with them.

Seeing a newborn sibling for the first time is a great moment in a child’s life. Excitement, curiosity, and surprise are some of the feelings experienced.

There are some children who feel jealousy and indifference when a sibling arrives, but there are also those who burst into tears of emotion and see them as new companions with whom they will share their lives.

Those who have a sibling know this very well. The relationship that exists between siblings is a very strong bond that will never be broken. Whoever has a sibling, has a friend for life, an inseparable companion. Sibling love is one of the most important family relationships.

The baby and its relationship with siblings

Usually, the arrival of a new baby at home is much awaited and celebrated by the other children. When the baby grows up, the older siblings have fun playing with him, who in turn tries to imitate his older sibling, which stimulates his development. It is not surprising that at some point one of the children may experience a period of jealousy.

As the baby becomes more mobile, he will want to play with his older siblings and use their toys. Siblings will usually be happy for this to happen, as children often see babies as great entertainment. At any age, a sibling is a great gift.

Sharing experiences with siblings is a training ground for the competitiveness of adult life, for assimilating rules of social relationships, for sharing emotions.

Babies who have older siblings benefit from a greater dose of stimuli for their development. It is often observed that when the baby sees his brother or sister, he smiles, becomes agitated and happy.

For the older one it means a learning of responsibilities, but it is also a great satisfaction to see how “important” he or she is for the little one.

The closeness of the older sibling

Having an older child is a source of possibilities that parents should know how to take advantage of: their influence at home, the experience they have because of their age and that they can transmit to the little ones, the close language they share with their siblings? The older sibling knows how to say things so that he or she is understood, precisely because his or her childhood is not so far away.

And the fact is that younger siblings often have a special trust in their older sibling, which allows them to tell him or her things without fear of scolding or displeasure. In any case, there is no doubt that they care less about arguing with him than with their parents. That is precisely why it is important to value the effective influence that the older sibling can have on the younger ones.

The older sibling can listen to the confidence of the younger children, which would be incomprehensible to the parents.

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