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A family campfire

Darius ( Nigeria Nigeria )

A family campfire – Dairus’ goosebump moment

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“Hi, my name is Darius and I am from Niger. My goosebump moment happened five years ago in 2017 when I decided to go back to my village to visit my family. So, once I got there, my grandfather, to welcome me back, decided to organize a huge campfire. Then we dropped all our devices at home: no smartphone, no laptop, and we went into the bush. Once in the bush, some people lit the fire. There had been various activities like storytelling, like dances, like songs throughout the whole night. It is at that moment I realized that in Africa, and particularly in my country Niger, that family is still very important. Thank you very much”.


Connect around the fire

One of the best wellness benefits of a campfire is the tactile experiences. You can feel the heat, see the dancing flames, smell the firewood and hear it crackle as you taste its smoke. Without a doubt, it is an incredible sensory experience. It is unconsciously all-encompassing and almost compels you to want to linger and be mesmerized.

Modern everyday life, its breakneck pace and our many activities have deprived us of some very basic pleasures, such as chatting around a campfire.

When you sit and watch the fire crackle, you and your family will feel a pleasant peace and a connection with nature, which will make you meditate and experience that wellbeing that so delighted our ancestors, half a million years ago.

Benefits of a family campfire

Many people find campfires to be a ritual that should be performed without exception when outdoors. This great flame, for many generations, has been the centerpiece of evening campfire gatherings.

It is for this reason, and above all so that you do not stop enjoying this beautiful tradition, that we want to share with you the best tips for you to make the most impressive campfire of the gathering.

In addition to protecting us from the cold, predators and insects, stories in the heat of the flames probably favored the evolution of thought, reinforcing social traditions, promoting harmony and cultivating the imagination, building a broader sense of community, because it embraces people who are far away, and even the spiritual world.

In turn, this ability to imagine and build virtual communities, beyond the individuals present in the group, allowed humans to colonize the planet, aided by mutual support systems. An ongoing tradition, which today can be seen reflected in our need to continue building social networks, real and virtual.

Family love is like a campfire

Comparing family love to a campfire, we can say that each family member is like a piece of wood, and we know that the more wood a campfire has, the more heat it will produce and the more alive it will be.

So it is with the family, the closer and more united the family is, the stronger the ties that unite the family and the stronger the love they feel for each other, the union will be a union of peace, love, its members feeling security and trusting each other because they feel that there is someone who can listen to them and someone who will know how to help them in difficult times.

It is also very important that even if the fire of love is extinguished, if everyone is united, they will be able to rekindle it and it will never go out.

The permanent connection to mobile devices, with the behavioral pattern that comes with it, is emerging as a steel ball tied to the ankle in this longing to disconnect and to relate to reality in a more intense way.

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