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A beautiful sunset

Zainab ( Pakistan Pakistan )

A beautiful sunset in the mountains – Zainab’s goosebump moment

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Zainab: “Hello! I am from Pakistan. My goosebump moment was when I was a child and had summer vacation. Our family decided to go to the mountains for a short trip. It was my first long travel journey with my family and a little time to spend with nature. While hiking in the mountains was a little bit scary for me as a child, when I saw the beautiful sunset from the top of the mountain it was an amazing experience for me, and it was my most remarkable moment yet. I remember this scene when I am sad. It gives me pleasure. It was amazing for me. It was a nice time with a beautiful sunset. Thank you for watching!”


A majestic scene

Every sunset is different and magical, from the typical deep red summer sunsets to the amorphous winter sunsets, or those that produce a fire, where you can see the sun with four colored stripes.

Sunsets are not only beautiful, but also have a lot of meaning. A sunset tells us that the day is about to end and reminds us of the importance of time and how we should take advantage of it. Watching it anywhere is one of our greatest attractions and something that plays an important role in our travels. Everywhere we go, we are always looking forward to the evening. It is certainly something that gives many people goosebumps.

Physical phenomena hidden behind a sunset

The summer solstice season, when we have many hours of sunshine, invites us to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, a good way to end one of these long days is to witness a sunset. Whether we experience it from the seashore or from an elevated vantage point, watching the sun disappear over the horizon is always a beautiful spectacle. To make this phenomenon even more attractive, we can add to its intrinsic beauty some notions of physics that will help us understand it better.

For starters, during a sunset we can observe the sun attenuated, so that we can almost look at it without protection. We should still be careful though: just because its light does not bother us that much, does not mean that it cannot damage our eyes, especially if we look at it through the lens of a camera. We should always be cautious when looking at the sun.

Being close to the horizon, the attenuation occurs because the path that the sunlight takes through the atmosphere is greater than when it is high in the sky, as it would be at midday. The particles that make up the atmosphere are responsible for the absorption, so the more they need to travel through the atmosphere, the more light is absorbed and the fainter we see the solar disk.

What can the red sky tell us about the weather?

In areas of the world where weather systems routinely move from west to east, the proverbial “red sky” often occurs.

A red sky sunrise suggests that an area of high pressure and good weather, with its trapped dust and other particulates, has moved eastward. This allows an area of lower pressure and disturbed weather, perhaps a cold front and rain band, to move westward during the day.

On the other hand, a sunset in the red sky tells us that the worst of the weather has now eased, with higher pressure and better weather approaching from the west for the next day.

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