What do we need to make a good GoosebumpMoment? | Mygoosebumpmoments.com will inspire you!

What do we need to make a good GoosebumpMoment?

Do you also want to share your favorite GoosebumpMoment with us? Great!

Here are some guidelines to go by:

  • Please start your video with the text:
    I am [firstname] and come from [country]. My GoosebumpMoment is ……….
  • Your GoosebumpMoment needs to have YouTube video’s or documentation, something we can find online to put into the article
  • Your GoosebumpMoment shouldn’t be about your own performance, it should be about something or someone else
  • No violent or gruesome movies / moments
  • When you send in your goosebump moment video, don’t read your story off of a page, let it come naturally, from your own excitement
  • Showcase your home country by talking about something specific from your own country and culture. That way, other people get to know your culture better! (This is not obligatory for the goosebump moment of course, just a general tip)
  • The most important thing is that it comes from your heart!
We can’t wait to hear from you and be inspired by your GoosebumpMoment!

Your personal video can be in your language or in English.


  1. Video file (mp4 or mov). Please do NOT upload your video to YouTube.
  2. Text file with the subtitles in English.

Text file with the YouTube connection link (see examples in the tabel below). If you have more YouTube links that is very nice. But please say which one you like best.